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June 12, 2009 | By More

We recently started watching Smallville. This led Mrs.Nerd to ask the question, “Who’s Green Lantern?” I gave her a brief synopsis of what I could remember and tried to describe his Super Friends outfit for her to no success.

In order to show her, I decided to go to my comic archives. I have a long box that is odds and ends of stuff that I don’t have very many issues of. In that box, I found an issue of the The Brave and the Bold from the ‘70s with the emerald archer in it. Success.

While I was in the box I decided to peruse some of the oddities it contained.  I came across a cover with Iron Man’s face on it, and decided to pull it out.  I couldn’t recall ever having a book with Iron Man in it, so I put it aside for later.

Turns out it was Avengers #139 from September 1975.  I was never an Avengers fan, but I’m sure the dynamic cover had something to do with me getting it.  Iron Man, Thor, Beast,and Yellow Jacket facing Whirlwind.  What’s not to love?

It turns out the story was pretty decent. I won’t go into, but I can tell you after read a couple of DC JLA books and then this Avengers issue, I know why I never got into the DC continuity. I really just like the storylines in the Marvel group books better.  (Single character books, Batman will always be my favorite.  Sorry, Marvel folks, just what I grew up with.)

The Stan’s Soapbox in this issue is a plug for the “Marvel-ous” Wizard of Oz.  I remember how thinking the recent Marvel version was a pretty novel concept. Different looks for different decades my friends.

However, the ads were really what captivated me with this issue.  They really are a sign of the times.There are few whole page ads, and obviously none of them even come close to the glossy photo quality ads that we enjoy today.

A lot of them are the same ads that we all remember.  There was a number more Kung Fu ads in this issue than I would have thought.  I guess that was the in thing in ‘75.  Therewere also a number of body building ads, which I did remember.  And there was an odd ad for fake facial hair.  Apparently, in the mid-seventies you were supposed to be a mustached body builder who knew Kung Fu.

One of the big ads that caught my attention was for the “Marvel Comic Con 1975.”  This ad was hocking posters, buttons, and t-shirts.  I found this ironic since NYCC just ended.  I doubt that this year’s festivities could be held at the Hotel Commodore.  I bet you couldn’t find a NYCC t-shirt for $4.95 either. Good stuff.

Another stand out ad is a text only ad for a John Buscema Comic Book Art class.  I have a copy of “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” and would have loved to take a class like that.  I was just a little surprised to see an ad in the middle of national comic for the class.

All in all, my little walk down memory lane was a pleasant one.  A little dust made me sneeze, but that was the only downside.  I wonder if I could still get me some stick on deluxe sideburns for $4?

(If you liked this little diversion, let me know in the forum.  I’ve got plenty of other comics to dust off and re-visit.)

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