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June 13, 2009 | By More

“Battlestar Galactica” (1978) was a show that helped fill the sci-fi fix I needed while waiting for Empire to come out. It had the cool ships, cool pilots and cybernetic bad guys. I remember 3rd grade recess, a bunch of us sitting in upside down chairs on desks pretending they were Colonial Vipers. Ah…the memories. (I don’t recommend trying this at work to regain some youthful memories.)


Adama was the leader of the show. He served the same place as the President serves on “24”. He makes a decision and all the other people on the show clean up the mess. Actually, Adama was a little better than that.

This figure and the Starbuck figure were identical if memory serves me correct except for color and head sculpt. I’m still trying to track down the errant pilot. They were roughly the size of Star Wars figures (See Pic).

I don’t remember Adama’s uniform looking this plain. Also, missing is the small decorative piece at his throat. (Rank insignia?) The body is pretty generic, with paint for only the boots and the hands.

To me, Adama’s head is just a bit to big for his body. From a distance, he looks a little like Lorne Greene. The lack of painted eyes on these figures always disturbed me.


Adama had a cool accessory for the time he came out. A cloth cape. While dull by today’s standards, it was something we hadn’t seen on a Star Wars figure to that point. They were all sporting vinyl fashions. To be honest. I think Adama’s cape spent more time on Star Wars figures than it did on him. Starbuck’s was on my Luke constantly as a poncho.

Lets’ face it. Adama was a decision maker on the show. He wasn’t in hand to hand combat with Cylons every five minutes on the show. I don’t understand why the obvious choice of Apollo as the other “human” character in the line didn’t come about. As a kid, that would have been a lot more fun, and maybe would have encouraged me to buy more B.G. figures.


This is another one of the “Love Boat” guest star figures. Cool idea for a show. Cool idea for a toy line at the time. Bad execution. Another great example of get a toy out there to compete with Star Wars figures as fast you can, kids will buy anything, even figures of grey haired desk jockeys.

On a side note, my Battlestar Galactica figures appear to be suffering from some sort of “Mego Rot.” Adama’s head and Daggit’s body have a white residue/film in their crevices. Something to look out for.

Engineernerd Score: 70/100

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