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Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®, Clone Trooper, Commander Cody®, Action Figure Review

Just when I was starting to like clone troopers,
they all turn on the Jedi. Love it or hate, Star Wars
Episode III had plenty of troops to make figures from. Since the most of the Commanders had individual names, you knew they would get figures.

Cody was one of the more memorable clones. Probably because he was walking around the middle of the battlefield with his helmet off.


Cody has a lot of little things that make his armor different from the standard trooper. He’s got little antennas on his shoulder and helmet, rank insignia on his chest and a funky little backpack. All of this is on the figure. His face is scared like a trooper that has seen a number of battles as well. He looks as good as most of the troopers have lately. One thing to note, his head is smaller than some of the other “clone heads.” I realized that when I was adding him to my shelf next to some of the other troops. Probably done to make the helmet fit a bit better.

One of the things that impressed me on this figure was the thin white line work on his shoulder and top of visor. I would have figured that small detail work would be left out and just be all orange.

This figure has a lot of bumps, cuts and general weathering. Clone troopers seem to get more banged up and dirty in the prequels than the original trilogy. The black blast marks look good for the most part. The one complaint I have about the weathering is the use of orange on the lower part of his legs for a wash. Who has he been fighting? Graffiti artists? It’s a tad to bright for my taste, even brighter than dirt from Geonosis would have been. (Surely, he’d washed his boots since then?)


All the accessories with this figure remind me more of a G.I. Joe figure than a Star Wars figure. He has two guns, a base, helmet, and backpack.

The backpack is small. It looks like most of the screen grabs I’ve seen with it in the film. However, the peg that holds it is a little loose. I’ve knocked it off every other time I’ve picked him up.

The guns and base are pretty much the standard issue items.

The helmet is okay. I love the detail work in the paint and little fins between his nose and chin. However, the visor looks a bit too low and squished on the eye lens. Also, the antenna attachments are a little bulky, just to add some stability I’m sure. To me, it almost seems
as if his helmet was sculpted to be held instead of worn.

The ball jointed shoulders some of the troopers have sported are lacking here. As well as the ankle articulation. His feet are placed at slightly odd angles, and the articulation would have helped. I’ve struggled to get him to stand real solid with out the base.

On the upside, he does have the mid torso ball joint. This helps to shift the weight of the figure around a bit, so it’s a plus.


Cody is pretty decent figure all things considered. He’s definitely the character from the screen and not just a wannabe repaint. The missing articulation and orange wash took him down a little bit in my book.

Two side notes:

1. Is anyone else worried Lucas is going to go back and all the crazy colors and unique troopers to the Original trilogy? I like the idea of the colors, but to me stormtroopers have always been and always will be white.

2. Wouldn’t it be great to have a set of generic G.I. Joe like troopers that you could add accessories to? If all the helmets, packs, and so forth were interchangeable,
think about how cool it could be. The Evolutions sets were close, but I’m think like a five or ten pack of generic troopers and a couple of sets of accessories to build them the way you want. It kinda seems silly to have a bunch of figures of clones that are all unique.

Engineernerd Score: 85/100

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Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®, Clone Trooper, Commander Cody®, Action Figure Review

Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®, Clone Trooper, Commander Cody®, Action Figure Review

Star Wars®, Star Wars Action Figures®, Clone Trooper, Commander Cody®, Action Figure Review

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  1. Errex says:

    After the excellence of the superarticulated clone Trooper from Revenge of the Sith, I must say Cody was, to me, something of a disapointment, and it was mostly due to the lack of ankle joints and the weird pose he’s in.

    I can forgive the pin head or and the swivel shoulders, Heck!, even the lack of ankle joints, for that matter, but the fact that his lower limbs are posed so is really detrimental to my enjoyment of the figure. To add insult to injury, I bought it not only once, but twice, and later on, when the holographic version came out, bought it again (so yes, thrice it is).

    Sigh!. Well, at least now that I have the excellent Clone Wars version I feel I finally got a good version of the character.

  2. You are absolutely right about the unnatural orange wash on his legs. It’s actually the main reason why I decided not to buy this figure.