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Love it or hate it, you have to admit E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) was one of the biggest films of its’
time. If I had a picture of the E.T. costume my mom made to accompany this review, I would put it in. The other thing I remember about E.T., is my Mom playing the Neil Diamond song “Heartlight” on 8-track on the big console stereo in ourliving room.This figure doesn’t have any trademark imprints, so I can’t tell you the exact year he came out. I’m pretty sure it was 1982. In the closed position, he comes in at 3.5 inches high. By today’s standards, this figure is rough.

Not too many companies today would put a parting line right down the middle of a characters face. The hearlight is a spray of bright orange paint across his chest. In the early eighties, not bad. Even the recent figures available at TRU weren’t much better with that feature.

Overall, the likeness isn’t bad. Not great, but not bad. The left arm of mine falls off and won’t stay up. That’s why no “pointing” picture. He has pretty decent articulation in his shoulders for the time he was made. His neck doesn’t turn and his feet are molded solid. No light up action feature here. Just a very short extending neck. Not even spring loaded.

I remember he came with a small Speak N Spell. It was a little piece of plastic with a decal on the front. Mine got lost sometime in the past twenty or so years. Overall, he’s a pretty cool figure. A bit of eighties nostalgia for the post disco crowd.

Engineernerd Score: 75/100

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