Hellboy in Kimono Bust-Up

June 25, 2009 | By More

Hellboy, Animated, Kimono, Gentle Giant, Bust-Up, Action Figure Review

I noticed on IMDB the other day that there’s a third Animated Hellboy film in the works. (Hellboy
Animated: The Phantom Claw
) Which made me remember I had started this review a while ago and never finished it.

I’ve had a pretty tough time finding Hellboy stuff that I like. But, after getting one of Gentle Giant’s Bust-Ups, I was hooked. This one is my favorite from the series.


I won’t say he’s a perfect Hellboy. He’s in a kimono, inspired by his adventures in Japan depicted in Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms. I re-watched it, not that long ago, and I don’t remember him wearing a kimono.
Kimono, by the way is from the Greek…never mind, wrong movie.

Even though not directly from the film, the red monkey is displaying his attitude in this little mini plastic marvel. The sword on the shoulder and a grim face give this H.B. all of the character you would expect. He looks up to what ever the next supernatural challenge might be.

The sculpt is decent, from the tiny feet to the horns on the head, this is a pretty good likeness of the animated
version of Red.

The paint work is not lacking either. From the tiny yellow eyes, to the gold on the robe, the one I picked up is pretty flawless. Considering the less than perfect paint on some Star Wars figures that are almost twice his size, that’s impressive. The design on the back and detail on the sword only add to the nice execution of details on this figure.


Well, these are basically mini Hummels. So, a lot of the fun is putting this guy together. Which mine did flawlessly. The engineer in me was definitely impressed by the ease he went to together and stayed together.

Hellboy here is one of those small things you could keep next to your monitor in your cubicle. You know you bought him because he’s a toy. But the rest of the world thinks, oh look a little Hellboy, he must be a fan. That’s the neat thing about some of these Bust-Ups. They can be part of your collection, but not so geeky that you wouldn’t have them on your desk at work.

On top of that, this guy comes with an accessory. In this case a piece of cemetery. This piece is part of a larger BAF (Build-A-Figure) of a ginormous skeleton featured in the film. I actually went out of my way to get the whole series of HBA Bust-Ups just to build him. The Skeleton is awesome, and really help offset the cost factor of these little guys. Maybe I’ll get around to a review of him one of these days.

The nice thing about this extra cemetery piece is that it makes a nifty little back drop for the Hellboy. It’s hard to do that with a giant skeleton leg.


While not a Hellboy shown in the animation, the pose and attitude make this a pretty cool representation of Big Red for me. Now if they would just make some of these for the next animated film….

Engineernerd Score: 95/100

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Hellboy, Animated, Kimono, Gentle Giant, Bust-Up, Action Figure Review

Hellboy, Animated, Kimono, Gentle Giant, Bust-Up, Action Figure Review

Hellboy, Animated, Kimono, Gentle Giant, Bust-Up, Action Figure ReviewHellboy, Animated, Kimono, Gentle Giant, Bust-Up, Action Figure Review

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