Master Replicas Scaled E3 Darth Vader Lightsaber

June 13, 2009 | By More

I have to say I’m one of those people who normally doesn’t win things. However, I was lucky enough to win a this saber through a trivia contest at Sir Steve’s guide. I really want to thank the Master Replica’s folks for those contests. It’s a fun to have a trivia contest and see everyone scramble to come up with the answers. If you are curious the 3 questions I answered were the following:

  1. Who tried to surprise the Rebels on Hoth by
    coming out of hyperspace close to the system?
  2. Who was the first Rebel to meet an Ewok?
  3. What did Luke bump his head on immediately after telling Yoda he was ready to become a Jedi?

To the the people that told me all that Star Wars Trivia would never pay off. Ha, this is my told you so.


This is one product that lives up to it’s name. It is a scaled version of the real thing. I have 2 Force FX sabers and a Graflex fan-made Luke saber. Detail wise this saber is a perfect match to all of those for its’ size.

All of the little details from the full size sabers are there. The rubber nubs on the handles are perfect. Even the belt clip looks great. I have to wonder if there is somebody out there making a clip to fit these on your belt.

The color for this saber is obviously not correct. But, hey it’s GOLD. When people have seen this they always ask about it. The gold version makes it just a little more special, especially since it’s something that was won.

Now, my wife was teasing me that this was my “major award,” and that the “fragile” sticker on the box was in Italian. I guess I’m okay with that, because it’s a pretty freaking cool prize.


I’d consider the box to be an accessory in this case. It’s story book form would be a great way to display this piece. And if you aren’t an opener that’s a plus. However, my only complaint about this whole piece, is the tray that holds everything is flocked in black velvet. A bunch of this velvet had came off and looked like little black lines all over the saber. So if you’re going to keep it in the box, open it (you don’t have to destroy the box in doing so) and dust it off. It’ll make a big difference.

The other accessory is the display stand. I love the fact that this is an actual mini version of their regular stand. I’ve got mine on display next to one of my Force FX sabers, and it ties them together nicely.


Overall, I have to say I was more impressed than I thought I would be. I actually had passed up a buying a few of these, and wish I hadn’t now. They take up less space, and still have all the great Star Wars goodness. If the culture where I work was a little geekier, I’d probably have this on my desk there.

BTW: The answers are:

  1. Adm. Ozzel
  2. Leia
  3. Roof of Yoda’s Hut

Engineernerd Score: 95/100

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