McDonalds’ Luke Skywalker Bobble Head Premium

June 14, 2009 | By More

McDonalds' Luke Skywalker Bobble Head Premium, Star Wars, X-Wing
As a tie in for “The Clone Wars,” McDonalds released a series of bobble head figures. They were a
series of classic vehicles with oversize heads of the main characters coming out of the top of them.


This version of Luke looks like something out of Star Wars Bombad Racing. Kind of Mario cart meets pod racing. It’s not a particularly bad Luke sculpt for the head, and keeps pretty much in line with the current animated style. The only part of the head I’m not fond of is the eyeliner.

The X-wing is actually kind of cool for its size and value. It’s got a number of little panels all over it. There’s a giant Luke body popping out where R2 should be. Which make me wonder what’s under the cockpit canopy. I’ll let y’all make up your own funny line.

Paint is the downfall for the body, as it is with a number of fast food premiums. The body has three small orange patches, one for Luke’s body and one for each of the side stripes. Some black for the canopy and wing guns would’ve really helped.
Speaking of the wing guns, they’re missing the front thin portion. I’m sure this was done due to a combination of shipping and safety. It just looks funny to see an X-wing without them.

McDonalds' Luke Skywalker Bobble Head Premium, Star Wars, X-Wing


Woo Hoo! Sweet bobble head action! This only the second BH to make it into my collection of oddities. The first is an autographed Gordie Howe, ’nuff said. I just really don’t get the attraction. Unless you live in earthquake zone or on a boat, there won’t be much bobbling. That said, Luke’s big noggin bobbles along as required.

The second feature is actually a bit cooler. There are two small wheels on the bottom of the X-wing. Pull it back and it will move forward under spring power. Now, if they had done a series of pull back vehicles without the carnival heads on them, I’d have probably been all over that.


I like the idea of Star Wars fast food premiums. I can still remember my Empire Strikes Back Luke glass with fond memories. However, I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of this over the top
caricature style. But hey, that’s my opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who do.

While a neat gimmick, this isn’t something that seems very exciting for kids of any age. After the fourth time little Timmy runs Luke’s X Wing across the dinner table, mom will be ready to relegate Luke to the darkness of the kitchen junk drawer.

Engineernerd Score: 75/100

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