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Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

With GI Joe figures flying off shelves across the country, I was inspired to go back and dust of my meager collection of vintage Joes. And I do mean meager, I’ve got less than a dozen of the vintage soldiers. And considering that against the number of RAH figures out there, it’s very small.I have to say though, the first few waves have always been my favorites. Most of the memorable characters from the comics and animation take their looks from there. Also, they hadn’t went all sci-fi goofy at that point. Most were based on some sort of real military function or environment.
It was one of these early waves that gave us a SEAL figure. Now, I think due to films, video games, and the news, the world has a different view of what a SEAL is, what they do, and what gear they have.

However in 1983, most people thought of SEALs as divers. Thus, the folks at Hasbro gave us Torpedo, the Navy SEAL.


I can’t imagine anybody wanting to do underwater demolition with a black and grey wet suit, but that’s what Torpedo got. The main portion of his body is grey with black arms and legs. Compared to a number of Joes, Torpedo doesn’t have very much paint detail other than the black and the grey on his gloves.

I have to admit, the lack of paint never seemed an issue as a kid. The wet suit itself is pretty much a tight fitting body suit. There’s not any wrinkles or boot laces on this guy. I do love the zipper details on his legs though. Very nice touch.

Each of his legs has some detail as well. The right leg has a big knife sculpted to it. Kids use to say goofy things back in the day. The next version is going to have a sheath and removable knife. Everybody knows you can make working sheaths and holsters on 3 3/4″ figures right? Right? (You’ll have to wait for my review of the new Torpedo for that.) The left leg has some, I assume, demolition charges sculpted to it.

His weight belt has a very scuba looking buckle on it. My guess is that is based on a real world version.

The only thing that disappointed folks in 1983 with Torpedo was his head. And disappointed isn’t really the correct word. I think a lot of kids would have like to have seen some sort of removable breathing mask similar to Mutt’s muzzle. But, the figures head is sculpted with the mask on. This gives Torpedo an air of mystery because of not being able to see his face. Off course he looked a bit odd riding shotgun in the VAMP with it on, but to each their own.


If you look at most of the Joes I had as a kid, most were geared up, or came with vehicles. The thing I always loved about the line was all the accessories. That’s one of the reasons I don’t have a vintage Snake Eyes. Compared to his contemporaries he didn’t have enough stuff.

Torpedo does pretty pretty well gear wise. Flippers, pack and a spear gun.

The flippers fit in the standard foot peg hole and do their job pretty well. Of course since he lacks ankle articulation, he can’t swim real great with them, but who would put ankle articulation on figure that size?

The pack always use to make me think of Boba Fett. Little rockets on each side made me think of little underwater torpedoes. The detailing on the bottom of the pack looked like some sort of engine. The only thing missing was a line to attach the pack to his mask.

Torpedo came armed with a spear gun. I never really understood that. I mean what was he expecting to find guarding the Cobra waterline? Nemo? Flipper? The gun is detailed well enough. I just don’t get why.

The SEAL here has all the standard GI Joe articulation. Also, he was part of the first wave where the “Swivel Arm Battle Grip” was standard. For the new kids, that’s the mid bicep swivel joint. Earlier figures like my Clutch and Flash don’t have it.

The years have not been kind to the O-ring in my Torpedo. He seems to want to crouch over like he’s suffering from degenerative disc disease. It took awhile to get him standing for all the pictures.


Torpedo was one of my favorites of the GI Joe team. The cool thing, as a kid, was even if you just had him, you had cool play scenarios. As a SEAL, you could see him working alone to plant explosives to take a secret Cobra facility.

Now while grey stripe and spear gun don’t seem like great choices, he is a great character. Besides, I use to equip him with an Uzi from the first Joe accessory pack. Now if only Hasbro would update him with a gun, removable mask, and knife and sheath. (See below.)

Engineernerd Score: 85/100

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Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

Torpedo,GI Joe, 25th Anniversary, SEAL,  Action Figure Review

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