Captain Kirk Star Trek TOS Desktop Wallpaper

August 14, 2009 | By More

The “futuristic” space suits from Star Trek The Original Series were masterpieces of vintage Sci Fi. The tall blocky helmets remind me of something out of a Buck Rodgers serial. I’m sure at the time, they would have seemed trim and modern compared to what the Apollo crews were doning. They also did a pretty good job of solving a problem that has plagued filming of any spacesuited expedition, being able to recognize the actor who is in the suit.

Playmates created a pretty great figure of Captain Kirk in one of these spacesuits for their ’90’s figure line. The Tholian Web episode of Star Trek had Kirk trapped outside the USS Enterprise figthing to survive. I figured the web graphics  and Kirk would make for a great desktop, so I made it. (Click on the image for the full size picture, from their you know the rest.)

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