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January 29, 2010 | By More

Jack Shephard RAH 12-inch Figure - LOST

Back when the Palisades was still around I started picking up a few of their “Palz” figures. Mainly the Die Hard ones, but a few X-Files and Buffy as well. That led me to create “Virtual Custom” Palz. The main ones were for the series “Lost”.

Keep in mind, I did these back in 2005-2006, long before the Kubrick versions. Ironically, I don’t think I was all that far off.

Hurley & Locke:

Locke is one my favorite of all of these. He might have been the first one. Hurley is so different because of his hair an body type. I really should go back and take another stab at him. My editing skills have improved since then.


My original thought when I was doing this was to have an island and non-island version of each of the characters. Great idea, just not enough time or energy to get it done. The little lines under Island Jack’s shirt sleeve are to represent his tattoo.


Here he’s seen is pre-LaFleur days. I kind of like him better as the lone wolf. If I was going to re-do this today, he would obviously have to be the jumpsuit version.


I was kind of surprised when the McFarlane version of Sun turned out to be wearing this same bikini. I shouldn’t have been knowing their predilection for half naked women. The image of her in this outfit was used in a lot of promotional images. It had her hold a scarf behind her. I really wish I had got to Jin to finish the couple out.


My second favorite. I also think this is the one of these I did that most closely resembles his Kubrick version. The non-island version would have been a military uniform.

I hope you all have enjoyed this look back at some of my past endeavors. It was nice to virtually dust these off to prepare for the new season.

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