Jestergoblin’s Star Wars Blue Milk Recipe

February 20, 2010 | By More

I’ve been following Jestergoblin on Twitter for awhile now. I have to say the commingling of recipes and toy reviews on his site ( is a change of pace for the norm. But as a Food Network and toy junkie, I have to say it’s a combination I enjoy.

Now he’s amped that up by creating a recipe based on an iconic Star Wars beverage, blue milk.  Yes, now we can all enjoy the tasty drink that helped farmboy Luke grow up strong to fight the Empire.  Now, I wouldn’t whip up a batch for your younglings of stuff. It’s an “adult” version that would be great for that “Empire Strikes Back” Anniversary screening party you are planning.

Get the recipe here: (Jester moved the recipe after it was originally published to this location)

And in the words of Errex forum signature, “Sit vis vobiscum.”

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