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April 18, 2010 | By More

Hasbro released Power Assault Armor Iron Man as part of the first series of figures in the Iron Man 2 toy line. This is a figure from the Concept Series of figures, which uses the designs possibly inspired by pre-production sketches from the new movie but not really seen on screen.

The design incorporates heavier armor plates along with conspicuous vents and intakes, as well as integrated weaponry at the forearms. The armor paneling is sharply sculpted and the overall detail is on par with any other of the Movie Series characters I’ve reviewed.

The paintjob follows the red/gold color scheme, with a few silver/gunmetal accents painted onto some of the bulked-up armor elements. For the most part the paint is well executed on my sample, although it is always advisable to take time and choose the best finish you can get while at the store.

The thing to watch out for is usually the coverage of the gold paint on the limbs and the placement of the silver colored markings on the chest, but the eyes and the chest reactor were neatly painted, in the usual white-to-blue radial gradient, on pretty much all of the samples I saw at the store, which is always a relief

The Power Assault Armor is noticeably bulkier than both the Mk.2 and Mk.3 suits, although it retains the same points of articulation:

• Ball jointed neck: Works mostly as a swivel, since the ball goes fairly deep into the head, eliminating any tilting motion.

• Peg & hinge shoulders: Pretty good, although the removable shoulder pads do limit the range to the sides when they are on.

• Hinged elbows: They bend to 90° easily.

• Swivel wrists: Completely free range of motion.

• Floating torso: Pretty good swivel range, although tilting back and forth is very limited.

• Ball jointed hips: Slightly tight, not really capable of sitting poses due to the bulky upper thighs.

• Double hinged knees: Excellent folding range.

• Peg & hinge ankles: Oddly, these have better up and down range than the slimmer armor suits, but the sideways rotation is almost null due to the armor design.

Both hands on the Power Assault Armor Iron Man are sculpted open with fingers spread clearly displaying the repulsor disks at the palms, so using any regular accessories is out of the question. However, this version of Iron Man does come with an accessory in the form of a clip-on projectile launcher.

As usual, the launcher works fairly well, and is neatly painted in the same colors as the figure. The other pieces packaged with this figure will see much more use, I think.

I’m referring of course to the nicely sculpted techno-grill display base, complete with the corresponding trio of armor cards that go into the special slot on it.

This Concept Series suit of armor definitely fits right in with my Movie Series figures, and that might be the one thing keeping it on pegs right now, as it’s easier to dismiss it as just “more of the same” with all the other red/gold armored suits available; but the design is solid and the execution really makes it a figure worth getting.

Errex Score: 97/100



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  1. plainsliced says:

    nice review. i like this figure.

  2. Badger says:

    I bought a loose Power Assault Armor Iron Man recently and I have to say that while I still think the Deep Dive Armor is the best in the current toyline, the Power Assault Armor is a pretty close second. It kind of reminds me of the Iron Man armor in Marvel Vs. Capcom or Heavy Metal (the Iron Man/XO Manowar crossover game).

  3. Engineernerd says:

    There’s a lot of love out there for the Deep Dive version. I don’t think I’ve seen one on the pegs in month.