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March 23, 2011 | By More

I can’t remember how I happened on this website, but I thought it interesting enough to bookmark. With new 12 inch GI Joes coming this year, I imagine (and hope) we will see a resurgence of interest in the older figures.

That said, I’ve seen some vintage Action Team figures in sad shape. Have no fear, Hair Club For GI Joe is here to help.

Their foremost service is reflocking heads. Always wanted a bearded Joe, they can do that. Grey hair? They can do that. From what I’ve read on their site, they can coif your Joe any way you like for you. At the same time they will touch up the eyebrows and scar.

In addition to this much needed service, they also can do some body repair andrefurbishment. If your old soldier is a little limp, they can getting him standing at attention for you.

I know the vintage GI Joe buck isn’t the standard of today. However, their site alludes to the fact they can perform their flocking on other action figure heads as well. I wonder if they could flock my WereRabbit for me?

I will say that I don’t display any of my vintage AT Joes, and really haven’t checked on them in years. Who knows, I might open a box and realize I need them in the near future. I’ve also never used this service, but if you have please let us know how it turned out below.

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  1. Newt says:

    I know of another guy who does flocking, who will flock just about anything.

    What’s this about new 12 inch figures? I don’t recall reading that. Though maybe I have. What was the info?