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March 7, 2011 | By More

Well, you knew if I had Gambit, I was going to have get the set with Rogue. I have to say that would have seemed like the more natural pairing for a two pack. I suppose they sell more this way.

Both of these Minimates are again their 90’s versions. And I’m really okay with that.


As the Southern Belle of the X-Men, Rouge has had a pretty crazy time of it. Her absorption power probably makes her one of the more powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe. This look is a far cry from the short hair look she had when coming to X-mansion for the first time. This is more of the Rogue in control of her powers 90’s look.

I really love the big 80’s style hair on this figure. The white stripe is well done. My only complaint is the head band is a little hidden.

The face is pretty much the norm for these figures. Minimal lines to make a face. It’s really kind of cool that all of these faces look a bit different, even though there is so little actually there.

Rogue’s trade mark leather jacket is here in perfect form. It’s the little extra touches on this that sell this as Rogue. The sleeves are rolled up and this isn’t represented by just a paint line, but also a small cuff piece that gives it some depth. The flipped up collar is there and works well with the hair, although the combination doesn’t really allow her to turn her head.

A couple other little details on the jacket help as well. The first being the X logo on the right shoulder. Black and Red pure 90’s animation goodness. The second part is her belt is built into the jacket piece, which really gives the belt the oversized-hanging off her hips look. Well done!

There’s also an extra piece to make her boots look taller. This piece makes her legs look slightly longer, but also is done so that it doesn’t limit the foot from rotating. I’m sure this piece is probably reused, but looks appropriate here.


I kind of like what they did for Beast. It always seemed like in the cartoon and comics in the 90’s, his size and strength varied in relation to what ever task he was doing at the time. In the lab, Hank seemed to be a bit thinner and human like. In a fight, more bulked up and muscular.

The figure mimics that with add on pieces. As packaged, Beast is the ripped Sentinel fighting version. There’s an extra chest piece, arms and feet that really give him that fuzzy warrior look.

Pop those off and pop in the supplied extra hands and feet and you have more of a dialog Hank McCoy. The key to making this work is the painted chest. That one little paint application and you essentially get two different looking figures in this set.

The extra pieces are sculpted well enough. The chest piece even has a line painted down the middle of the back. A rather minor complaint about them is the blues seem to vary a bit on this figure.

My other slight complaint is when that when the chest piece is on, the 90’s Wolfsbane-esque hair piece wont sit completely down. Sadly, this makes it pop off really easy.


In general, I’m pretty pleased with this set. No, it still doesn’t make sense to me why Rogue isn’t with Gambit, maybe they were on a break. Or maybe, they knew I’d have to have them both.

While Rogue is the reason I bought this set, Beast steals the show. But I’ve got a soft spot for figures that you can switch their looks around. And this is one is great example of how to do it the right way.

Engineernerd Score: Rogue 90/100 Beast 95/100

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  1. Errex says:

    Nice set!. The extra attachments really complete the look for the Beast and Rogue looks really sexy for a figure made from basic geometric shapes.