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May 4, 2011 | By More

This figure embodies more of what I would have expected the main Cobra forces to look like in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. Labeled as a “Shock Trooper,” this figure is part of the Urban range of figure in the Pursuit of Cobra line. I’m assuming teams of shock trooper would work in conjunction with Alley Vipers to create havoc in cities and incite terror.


This figure would make a good base for a number of other figures. Essentially, he is an urban combat trooper. He could be fighting in a war or in SWAT team situation. Repainted, he could represent a number of things. The gear really reminds me of the “Flashpoint” team from the CBS/CBC show.

I hadn’t bought any of the Pursuit of Cobra figures up to this point, and now I’m really wondering what I missed out on. The looks of this figure out of the package are better than in, and that is something that doesn’t seem to happen often enough. In the blister, he has on a gas mask-helmet-goggle combination that prevents you from seeing the ski mask head underneath. I really love the fact the seams are on the ski mask. It’s that kind of detail that set this figure apart.

The main body of the figure is essentially dark greyish blue battle fatigues or jumpsuit. The thing I love is that it is very “real world” compared to a number of other Cobra troops. The shoulder pockets are a lighter grey and stand out from the main color of the arms. Those pockets both have Cobra logos on them, as well.

I’m guessing this guy is benefiting from a lot of real world reference for sculpting. I’m actually surprised that he wasn’t a GI Joe adversary for the Alley Vipers. The real world look really screams more Joe team, and I’d be surprised if there isn’t a Joe version repaint at some point.

The next main part of the body is a tactical vest. Lots of pouches and straps here. There are a couple of details that push it over the top. The Cobra logo on the front has been obscured a bit some of the straps. I love that because it just adds to this figure’s realism.

The back of the vest is finished out just as nicely as the front. There’s even paint. His team mates should be able to tell what side he is on from behind due to the large “Cobra” running vertically on this left side. A regular Cobra logo is at the top of the word. There’s also a nifty little rescue handle if his team shoot him in the back, they can pull him back out of the line of fire.

On top of those cool things, there’s a small hole that a peg on his walkie talkie fits into that covers up part of the Cobra. A silver buckle finishes the piece off in the front.

The remainder of the arms and legs are outfitted much like you’d expect an urban fighter. The pants are cargo style, with multiple pockets. His elbows and knees are well protected with the appropriate padding as well.

One of the things that I though was pretty cool is that there is a number of looks possible for this figures head. The plain head is one way to go, but there are a number of other ways to go. With helmet. With helmet and goggles. With helmet goggles and gas mask.

The helmet reminds me of the vintage Joe one with the little holes in the side. The gas mask clips into these, but from the inside. It’s clever piece molded in a translucent purple. I have to say I prefer the helmet goggles look. My one gripe is that there is no good way to have the goggles on this head they don’t work in the down position with the helmet, either.











Okay. You guys should know me well enough by now to know I’m a sucker for accessories. And the Shock Trooper comes with a bunch.

First and foremost is the shield. Based on a real world riot shield this is a piece mold in clear plastic. The middle section has “Cobra” and a logo on it. It also has some small painted rivets on it. The inside has a loop and a handle for his left arm. This is the accessory that drove me to this figure while it was hanging on the pegs.

Above I mentioned the multiple pieces of head gear. All are well enough done. The helmet without the gas mask tends to be a bit loose, so keep that in mind. The radio looks like a perfect miniature of the real thing.

Of course, as a Cobra Trooper, he’s well armed. With three different rifles and a pistol. The submachine gun has red detailing that goes well with the Cobra theme. The assault rifle has silver detailing that makes it a stand out. Again, it’s just another of those realism touches. Not enough silver to be gaudy, but just enough.

The other two weapons don’t have any paint. The first is a shotgun. I do believe this is a GI Joe first for me. The only thing that would have made it better is if the folding stock actually worked. The pistol type weapon I’m on the fence about. It’s either a wacky Cobra pistol or a taser. I’m leaning toward taser, because it looks like one I’ve seen.

Speaking of non-lethal accessories, there are two more. The first is some kind of nunchucks. They have a little string between them and clip together. They are a bit too long and the string is too short to be useful. The last accessory is a sledge hammer we can only assume is for battering down doors.


I  really don’t have anything bad to say about this figure except for the fact that there’s no where to store all of his great accessories. However, for a fast moving urban tactical trooper, that is probably very real world. A strap on one of the guns would have been a nice addition, however.

Really, this is a figure I will probably pick up a second of. Well done, Hasbro.

Engineernerd Score: 99/100



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  1. Errex says:

    Awesome, awesome figure; and also a very thorough review. Excellent read!

  2. Engineernerd says:

    I honestly could have taken another dozen pictures. I can always tell the stuff I really like because I keep thinking, “This would be cool, and so would that, oh and that…”

    I have to say I this is one of those figures I will probably pick up an extra one or two of.