Black Adam

June 10, 2011 | By More

Basically this is magical Superman dressed in black. Seriously, one look at this guy and you know two things. One: he’s a villain (the black and gold outfit is a dead giveaway) and two: he’s a Shazam! related character (thus earning the “magical Superman” label).

However, it seems that lately Black Adam has been more of an antihero than a straight on villain, which might account for this new version of him released as part of the DC Infinite Heroes, 75 Anniversary of Super Powers segment from Mattel.

There was a prior version of him without a cape released way back in the first waves of figures from this line, which makes it kind of strange they decided to give the character another go when there are so many better-known DC characters waiting for their turn as action figures.

This Black Adam however, does represent a significant improvement over the first version as it sports a newly designed body with more extensive articulation.

This third generation body sculpt is suitably generic and has a much more organic appearance than previous generation molds. The physique is buff, but lean, and the overall sculpt does a good job conveying real muscles underneath some type of thin fabric, even though each surface remains texture-less.

The head is a uniquely sculpted piece and the face is actually very good, with chiseled features and a fairly stern expression. The ears are sculpted slightly pointed, which seems to be correct for the character.

The other personalized costume elements for Black Adam are a sash around his waist, flared-cuff boots and a non-removable cape with a high collar, similar to the one used by DC’s Captain Marvel. Each of these elements is well sculpted, although none would earn a prize for outstanding detail.

The third generation body sculpt for the Infinite Heroes line comes much closer to the levels of functionality an aesthetic appeal we have seen before on figures from that other manufacturer whose name starts with Has and ends with Bro. The overall articulation count on Black Adam amounts to:

• Swivel neck.

• Peg & hinge shoulders.

• Peg & hinge elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Swivel waist.

• Double pegged, hinged hips.

• Peg & hinge knees.

• Peg & hinge ankles.

Black Adam is molded mostly in black plastic, with boots, sash, bracelets and chest emblem painted in a tarnished gold color. The rubber cape is also molded in black, with clasp, trim and further detail painted in the same golden hue. Adam’s neck and hands are painted in a flesh color that matches well the tone of the plastic used for the head and shows good coverage over the black material.

As I mentioned, the cape is not removable but it’s pliable and thin enough not to interfere too much with the figure’s balance or articulation. Black Adam is packaged with only a commemorative plastic button, printed with an image of Captain Marvel and the DC logo on the back.

Overall, Black Adam might be a rather obscure character but his action figure is actually pretty good, if you like the style.

Errex Score: 80/100

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