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June 13, 2011 | By More

I have to say as a character, I know very little of War Machine other than what I saw in Iron Man 2. However, that hasn’t seemed to keep from latching on to him as my Iron Man armor of choice. I got very lucky with this one. There was one open empty bag when I went to Walmart recently in the building block aisle. However, there was one sealed bag under the Marvel Universe figures. Turns out that one bag was War Machine. (I could feel the missile pod, so I knew.)

I also need to give a special shout out to Jestergoblin. He had to re-arrange his review schedule based on my Spiderman review, which was surprisingly similar. This time around, I’m not going to read his War Machine review before I write this, just to see what happens.

First up, this is an obvious single figure repack of War Machine from a Mega Bloks Iron Man 2 set. I was a bit disappointed in the fact that this was a movie WM and not a comic one. But, beggars can’t be choosers.

The black and silver Iron Man body works pretty well here. To me it almost seems like they made the War Machine figure first and did an Iron Man repaint of off it, instead of the other way around. This guy just looks bulkier than Iron Man should.

The forearm  and silver thigh pieces look more WM to me than IM, IMHO. Overall, Iron Man should look sleeker than this body. War Machine is the bulked up SUV of the Iron Armors compared to Tony’s flashy sports car.

Even the way the Widow’s peak on this figure is done looks like War Machine to me. The head just gives you that frowny “I’m here to kick your ass” look.

The major thing that sets this apart as War Machine are the extra accessories. The first of which is a harness type piece where the extra weaponry is mounted. I have to say this piece looks like an add on. You know the overhead should bar some roller coasters have? That’s what this looks like to me. It just doesn’t set quite close enough to the figure.

The other issue is it covers up the ARC reactor light thingy. Okay, it’s really just a painted circle with no detail, but still it shouldn’t be as covered as it is.

Into this harness goes the other two accessories. The Gatling is to be expected. A little detail on the end of the gun woudl have really helped it. The second item is the rocket pod. I know the comic version of War Machine had a rocket pod like this, but I don’t really remember the movie version having one.

The other problem with the rocket pod is due to its design it has to be on the left side. Otherwise, he’ll shoot missiles in his head.  The movie version of this armor had the gun on the left side.

I was actually surprised that the articulation was as good, if not better than the Spiderman. I was expecting a lot more limitations due to the armor, but there really weren’t any.


For a pint size version of War Machine, I really don’t have any complaints. I think the armor, while stylized looks a bit better than Spidey. In general, another nifty little figure.

Engineernerd Score 87/100


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  1. jestergoblin says:

    Yep, pretty much agreed with you on every point. Sure, his eyes and Arc reactor should probably be red or green, but the additional bulk of the torso really helps set him apart from Iron Man.

    As for him just being a repaint, I’m okay with that since the War Machine suit is really the Iron Man Mark II dressed up a little more.

    He’s probably the best figure in the entire wave.

  2. Errex says:

    Excellent review, and this is one cool minifig. The harness is the same piece I got with the HAMMER Drone small set, only that one was tan and only included the gatling cannon, which kind of unbalances the weight and makes the piece to dance around a little.