Hooded Cobra Commander (Vintage) Non-Review

July 20, 2011 | By More

I think most collectors have had something in their collection they don’t have any more and would like back. Mine is the mail away Hooded Cobra Commander.  So for this non-review, I’m going to tell you what I remember.

The body of the figure was the same as the regular chrome faced one reviewed here. The only difference in the body was the color, which on the hooded version was a much deeper blue. To me the dark blue always seemed to fit the regal nature of  Cobra Commander. To add to that, his accents were painted in gold.

The main difference was, of course, the head. The hooded head had large open spots where the flesh around the eyes showed through.

The hood was a piece of rubber that was over molded on a harder plastic peg. I can tell you this is why I don’t have this figure any more. In short, the peg snapped off. When my Ex-wife, emphasize EX wife not Mrs. Nerd, found him headless she tossed him out.

While I wish I had this piece of Joe history to show you, I don’t. Maybe one of these days, if I can find him for a good price, I’ll replace him. COBRA!

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