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July 22, 2011 | By More

Readers may recognize Ben Tiede’s name from the Distinguished Comic Book Podcast. Along with Zack Kruse, Ben is one of the hosts. But when he’s not telling us about other people’s comics he’s out making his own art.

Let me just say Ben has some crazy art skills. He has a pretty good range of material from very the very comicy to detailed. One thing that I think Ben has a really good grasp of is all ages characters. His stuff always looks interesting and draws you in.

One of the first places I saw some of Ben’s art was in “The Contingent” issue from last year’s Summit City Comic Con. In the back of that issue, there’s a few pages of Scuba Frog short.

This year I picked up the Summit City Ink 24 Hour Comic Anthology, which featured one of Ben’s stories, Tooth. A pretty much wordless tale of a hungry caveman. Mrs. Nerd read it before me and told me I it was really good.

Well, this year for Summit City Con, I wanted to get a sketchbook. Ben gave me some advice on Twitter on what to get for which I was really grateful. To say thank you back, I give him the first shot at a sketch in it. I didn’t even give him an idea. I just said, “Go!”

What he came up with is a masterpiece:


I know there are some folks out there that happen to like olives. Neither Mrs. Nerd nor myself are big fans. However, this is a bit of an inside joke in addition to a great piece of art. Ben’s D.C.B. Podcast co-host Zack happens to love olives.  Check them out here to learn more:

You can also find Ben at

And him an bunch of other very cool at the Summit City Ink Artists Collective.

Lastly, you can find Ben on Twitter: @BenTiede



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