Skaar (Son of Hulk)

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After the events of the World War Hulk comics series, there were a few loose ends to the storyline left o be resolved back in the regular continuity of the titles involved. One of such loose end revolves around the Hulk’s son, Skaar.


The whole thing is monumentally like a soap opera, because the long lost son was not actually lost for that long, and he was not only presumed dead along with his mother on another planet, he was actually unborn at the time. Despite that, he manages to track down his negligent father and hijinks ensue.


The relevant bit is that Hasbro released a Skaar, Son of Hulk action figure as part of Marvel Universe Series 3, and it is mostly good.


I was actually expecting some re-use of pieces from the World War Hulk figure, but Skaar uses the generic hulking body with just a few new pieces for the head and the lower legs. The main difference between both figures is that the WWHulk’s skin is heavily textured and Skaar’s is completely smooth, with the bulging muscle groups sharply defined underneath.


The head is comprised of two pieces, the head proper and the hair, which is a rubber wig glued in place. The expression on the face is less brutish than the Hulk’s, but still looks pretty angry.


Skaar’s attire consists on a ragged loincloth and a couple of armbands that can be removed if you pop out the hands. The loincloth could also be removed if you pop out the legs, but the joints are rather unwilling to cooperate without the use of hot water to soften them up, so I let them be.


Articulation is pretty good, considering the bulk of this figure. Skaar has:


Ball jointed hinge at the neck.


Pegged hinge shoulders.


Upper biceps swivel.


Hinged elbows.


Swivel wrists.


Floating torso.


Ball jointed hips.


Upper thigh swivels.


Double hinge knees.


Pegged hinge ankles.


The loincloth limits somewhat the range of movement at the hips, and the way the boots are sculpted reduce the functionality of the ankle joints to little more than simple swivels, but there is enough to achieve some fairly dynamic stances.


Skaar’s color scheme is also fairly dark, with the green of his skin being a bit less bright than the typical Hulk color. He does have some subtle shading airbrushed to the deeper cuts in his musculature and also some tribal looking tattoos painted on his upper torso and right arm.


Most of his leather gear was left the color of the plastic they are made of, with just a few details painted in a dull silver hue to depict armor plates and buckles. The paint applications done to his head are also minimal, with the more striking feature being the pair of burning green, deep-set eyes.


Skaar comes armed with a huge jagged-edge sword he can carry in a sheath on his back, and the handle is thick enough for him to grab it firmly in either hand, unlike his father’s weapons.


Additionally, Skaar ships with a black Marvel display base with his name and the number 16 painted in white font. Now, it has been brought to my attention that there is a variant to this plastic base, as some of them have “Son of Hulk” written on top, while other have “Skaar” on it. I got the later one, obviously, but I have no idea as to which one is more rare to find.


Skaar could be dismissed as just being WWHulk Redux, but even so, the idea of a band of savage-looking, not-so-jolly green giants has a certain appeal that I can’t just ignore.

Errex Score: 90/100



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  1. Engineernerd says:

    Repainted in flesh tones, he’d make a passable Conan.