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The Cantina Scene from the original Star Wars movie has always had a spot in my heart. Partly, it was because from the nine figures I got as a Christmas gift in 1979, four of them were the Kenner cantina aliens (the rest were Boba Fett, an X-Wing Pilot, R5-D4, the Death star Droid and the Power Droid) and those were pretty much all I had to play with the entire following year.


So, it is no surprise at all that Bom Vimdin (VC53) would have been my number one choice if I had had to pick just one character from the seventh wave of figures in Hasbro’s Vintage Collection.


The character did not have a name up until Decipher developed a backstory for him to publish in their Collectible Card Game. Basically, they made him into a mercenary type character, which may or may not be consistent with his dashing outfit, but for all intents and purposes these alien characters were little more than warm bodies to fill in a scene, so you can choose to ignore any of the fluff.


Bom Vimdin is fundamentally a dude in a mask. These masks were mostly re-purposed props provided by the studio, with only minor cosmetic changes, which accounts for the familiarity of some of these designs.


Bom is a bald humanoid with puffy, sagging folds of skin and a small horn growing from his forehead. His eyes are simple black orbs and his overall demeanor is fairly dour. I found it funny that this action figure looks much more alive than it’s screen counterpart.


Bom is attired with a riveted leather vest, and off-white shirt with puffy sleeves, dark gray pants and mid-calf boots. If it were not for the belt and holster at his waist, the basic body could pass as the outfit for some rogue-class character in a roleplaying game. the level of detail is good and the character design works well to conceal the articulation, which consists of:


Ball jointed neck.

Pegged hinge shoulders.

Pegged hinge elbows.

Swivel wrists.

Swivel waist.

Swivel hips.

Pegged hinge knees.

Pegged hinge ankles.


This articulation model conforms to the de-facto standard in the Vintage Collection and the only snag to functionality would be found at the right hip joint, because the rubber holster piece has a strap that goes around the thigh, preventing it from going up all the way although it provides enough range for sitting poses.


The paint applications are minimal and limited to block colors and a subtle shading wash applied to the leather apparel and the head, since most of the figure is molded in the final plastic color to begin with.


Bom Vimdin ships with a pistol, a rifle and a glass painted in white and blue. The weapons fit his hands without problems but the glass is a bit too wide for either hand, although it is possible to force it in place, if you absolutely need him to hold his glass up high.


This is a definite must-buy figure if you are a cantina fan, but even if that is not the case, Bom Vimdin is truly among the best Hasbro has put out in this collection.


Errex Score: 100/100.




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  1. Engineernerd says:

    This originally had to be a costume cobbled together from leftovers in the prop dept. It looks familiar, but I can’t quite place it.