C-3PO (Star Wars Buddies)

September 17, 2011 | By More

Well you knew if I reviewed R2-D2, I’d have to review C-3PO. One of the stranger of the Star Wars Buddies, Threepio looks a bit more like a Solid Gold Dancer, than the famous protocol droid.

Where R2 was mostly printed detail, C-3PO was achieved mainly with stitching. For example. the fingers are made by stitches, as well as the joints in arms and legs. His chest shapes are formed similarly. There’s even a little bit of a flared pieces to make some shoulder pads to replicate his upper arm joints.

The middle “record album” piece is actually a bit of hard plastic. It’s not overly detailed and doesn’t really take away from the cartoony style. Right below that is a black piece of felty stuff to make his midsection.

Speaking of fabric, Threepio is constructed from a very bright gold lame. Two things surprise me about it. The first is that it has held up. Even being stored away, there are no signs of major deterioration. The second is that he’s pretty squishy. He’s really quite flexible, and I really didn’t expect that when I got him. Nor did I remember that when I pulled him out for this review.

Of course, the most important thing to making any character representation is the face. And they really kind of nailed it here. It helps that Threepio has a natural seam around his head, but I think it looks like him. A big part of this is pulled off by the plastic piece used. They did a clever thing and formed part of his nose and the top of his eyes underneath the fabric with that plastic piece, as well.

There’s probably only two things that are on the downside for him. First there’s no detail on his back, not even the port thing on the back of his head. Second, His mouth is made with black stitching that doesn’t really seem to match the rest of him. I suspect this was Chewbacca’s idea to get him to shut up.


Looking at him now, I really have to say they did a pretty good job with Goldenrod. While he looks more like a kid in a costume, he’s soft and flexible. Which are more desirable traits in plush line over a cold metallic tin can. So while he looks a bit disco, he still can cuddle with you.

Engineernerd Score: 94/100




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