Steel Brigade Delta (VAMP Driver)

September 14, 2011 | By More


I really wasn’t happy about having to buy a VAMP without Clutch. However, the 30th Anniversary VAMP is a package deal with Steel Brigade Delta.

Steel Brigade? For the uninitiated, the original Steel Brigade figure was a Mail Away way back in the early days of the Real American Hero line. The idea was you would send in some personal details, and they would send you a Steel Brigade figure with a file card tailored to your details. Essentially, this figure was to be your GI Joe avatar.


For a figure that I wasn’t all that excited about, Delta looks pretty cool. It took me a minute to realize this figure is kitbashed from figures I already had except the head. His body is taken from the Cobra Shock Trooper and his vest from Beachhead.

Molded in greens, I have to say this really works. This figure captures a look that says modern infantry soldier. The green reminds me of some of the flight suits I’ve seen over the years.

The hands, feet and knee pads are done in grey. Maybe not the most accurate color, but I actually think I like the look better what black would have looked like.

The vest has been redecoed as well in grey, dark green and brown. The pouches on front are done in a dark green that really pops, but doesn’t look too out of place. The knife sheathes and binoculars have been redone in grey here.

The one think that is a bit odd, is the holes for Beachhead’s flippers are still there. Not a big deal, just wish they would have plugged them.

Now for the different part, the head. While this version of the Steel Brigade helmet isn’t is close as the one that came with the PITT Commando, it still manages to evoke the original. It really reminds me more flight helmet than a combat one, but I still like it.

What surprised me was there was the helmet was removable. And underneath…..another masked head. Huh? This one I don’t get. Why go through the trouble of making a removable head and not even put a face behind it? It’s not a bad head. It looks a little like a generic Snake Eyes. I strongly suspect it’s a reuse, as well.


If you read my review of the Shock Trooper, you will know I really like that figure. No surprise I like this one as well.

Oh the articulation front, because this is a Shock Trooper repaint, we get the articulated wrists here. The right one goes up and down and the left goes front to back. Nifty features that I’m glad they didn’t try to cut to save cost.

On the down side, this figure isn’t really designed to work with the bulk of Beachhead’s vest. He suffers from the same issue Ralphie’s brother does, he can’t put his arm downs.

On the plus side, Delta here has an advantage Beachhead didn’t; two knives, one for each sheath.

In addition to the knives, Delta also comes with an assault rifle. There’s a side mounted flash light and extra clip sculpted on this bad boy.

I haven’t been talking about file cards much with the modern Joes, but I’m hoping what I’m seeing here is how the news ones are going to go for the 30th Anniversary line. This card is very similar to the old style cards with a much deeper character description. The one small issue is that it is printed on some odd corrugated cardboard.


For a generic driver figure, Delta certainly is way above par. It helps that they started with a great generic soldier body to build him on. While the head is anonymous, I’m okay with that. I actually wish the forth coming Steel Brigade figure was more like this one, would make a very cool army builder for the good guys.

Engineernerd Score: 95/100

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  1. Engineernerd says:

    I finally figure out why the grey glove don’t bother me. They remind me of some Air Force Issue ones my dad used to have.

  2. Tom says:

    2 Knives!!!!

  3. Engineernerd says:

    It really makes a lot more sense doesn’t it?

  4. Tom says:

    Well you know that military operators appreciate flexibility in their kit blah blah blah or whatever the excuse the Big H threw out when Beachhead only came with one

  5. Engineernerd says:

    I only wish they were the black / silver edged version.