Talk To The Skull and Win! Part 1

September 19, 2011 | By More

Here is picture number 1 for the “Talk to the Skull and Win Contest” presented by Figure of  the Day.

For all the contest details, click here.

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  1. BubbaShelby says:

    In a vote of three-to-one, Cobra Commander is cast out of the ‘bad guy hero haters’ club; it seems his mirrored helmet and the reflections therein serve only to remind all the other members that they are so darned butt-ugly.

  2. punslingerr says:

    Too little too late they realized they shouldn’t have allowed Cobra Commander to get the Krusty Chili Dog Special.

  3. Jason Lee says:

    CC, How do you even draw that gun on your back?

  4. Brian says:

    Skull “Und vis zis, ve shall conquer the beleaguered town of Zpringfield Unce and Furever!”
    Whiplash “Da. But what shall we do with the yellow people?”
    Cobra Commander “You see that pile of green over there? That’s the Joker, boyeeee. He’s been scouting this town for talent”
    Palpatine “Long live the Empire”
    Skull “You mean Ze Reich?”
    Whiplash “Surely he meant the Motherland”
    Commander “Hail Cobra!”

    Joker, from the windowsill, “HEheehehehehehehee. This’ll be my best trick ever. No one suspects they’ll turn yellow once they set foot in the town. It’ll drive them BANANAS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  5. Tyler says:

    Tree house of horror spoiler alert!!!

  6. Wes Grogan says:

    Red Skull: OK, so what if we try to block out the sun..
    Whiplash: Simpsons did it!!
    Cobra Commander: Well what if we sssssee if we can find their high school year book picturessss and possst them on Facebook to their horror?
    Red Skull: Nah, that’s just lame, man.
    Emperor: We could just sneak into their rooms and kill them as they sleep.
    All others: …
    Red Skull: Jeeze, that’s just evil, Palps! We’re super villains, not killers!

  7. john carl says:

    The new Legion of Doom is in full effect…where’s the Justice League of America when u really need them….even the super villains are turning to terrorism,they are gonna take out Springfields nuclear power plant….

  8. Erik says:

    Due to cuts in spending, mismanagement, and a general failure to communicate, all world take over plans were scaled down to an attempted take over of Springfield. Sadly this plan involving evil midichlorians, nameless agents, and lightning strikes was foiled by a kid with a slingshot and a skateboard. Loki was not available for comment.

  9. Eric says:

    “So it’s decided: we rename the legion of evil to the No Homers club”.

  10. Billy Wamsley says:

    Red Skull: Ve are sorry, Herr Cobra Commander, but ze clubhouse iz for live-action Movie-Style figures only!

    Cobra Commander: But I wasssssss in a live-action movie!

    Whiplash: Dude, you so weren’t! That was Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a clear Darth Vader wannabe helmet.

    Palpatine: Word.

  11. Chynna says:

    Secret Team Meetup : the Simpsons Treehouse
    Villians, “We shall dominate the world!”
    Homer, “Good Luck with That.”

  12. Rick T says:

    “Today, Springfield. Tomorrow, Quahog!”

  13. John Vukelic says:

    RS: STOP! stop. Just stop. Cobra you’re suppose to be Iron Man and Emperor Palpatine YOU’RE the Black Widow.

    EP: Why do I have to be the Black Widow?

    RS. I pick the names! Be thankful you’re not Happy Hogan. Whiplash you play Pepper Potts…

    WL: YAY! I like Pepper…

    RS: … and I’ll play Nick Fury.

    EP: Nick Fury wasn’t there!

    RS: SHUT UP! I’m Nick Fury. Where were we? Right… and you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”

    CC: Please don’t hit me again.

  14. Courtney Flanagan says:

    “Is everyone here for Supervillian Anonymous meeting? I was told there’d be cookies and lemonade. False advertising!”