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I want to open this and say I’m not vinyl collector. I love most of the new urban vinyl stuff I see, and can appreciate it. Some of that stuff is crazy cool.

I do however love my Android phone. When I saw this little guy on Think Geek, I thought he’d make a cool little desktop doodad for work.


For those not familiar, this green fellow is the mascot for the Google Android system on smart phones. He’s most notably seen in commercials, and as the emoticons in the Android text message app.

Droid here is a pretty clean style wise. All smooth surfaces and little paint just like any good little droid should be.

Where in the commercials his head and arms kind of float in relation to the body, here they are connected and painted white. The effect is decent. The eyes are white as well.

The small green antennas on the head are made from a harder material poking up through the head. I would imagine this make them smaller and more durable than if they were vinyl.

One detail that surprised me was the “Android” logo written across his butt. It has an engraved look that is very crisp.

One concession they make was to make his feet/legs wider than his arms. This gives him a really good base to stand on. I’m not really worried about aggressive typing sending him tumbling.


With this kind of vinyl collector figure, you can get a statue or a an articulated figure. I’m glad to report Droidy here is articulated.

Not much, but enough to give him some expressions. His arms and head all rotate.  Lift his hand and turn his head and he looks like he’s saying, “It’s for you!”


And really that is the fun part of me. He’s just something adorable to put on my desk. Excel sheet frustrating me?  Look down a little bit, and there he’ll be. And I’m sure he’ll bring a smile to my face. Or at least a 🙂

Engineernerd Score: 98/100

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  1. Tom says:

    I too have looked at this and pondered, but have not pulled the trigger. An aside, have you heard of Intergalactic Toys here in town? They have tons of the vinyl stuff and other cool stuff as well.

  2. Engineernerd says:

    I’ve heard of them, but haven’t been there. It would only lead to Mrs. Nerd dragging me out and me crying tears of desire.

  3. Tom says:

    LOL Mike is a great guy they are having a “grand opening” of their new location next Saturday, with sales, costumes and the like could always tell Mrs. Nerd that it was research for an article 😉

  4. Errex says:

    Looks like a really cool mascot. 😉

  5. JD says:

    I want one. I’m not a vinyl collector either but this one is special.