Whiplash (Mega Bloks)

October 24, 2011 | By More

I thought since there was a new series of Marvel Mega Bloks figures, I’d tempt fate and get one. I ended up with Whiplash from Iron Man 2. I needed a bad guy to go with War Machine and Spidey, so it’s not all bad.


Any likeness to Mickey Rourke is purely coincidental. That’s what the package should say. The head on this figure reminds me more of Prince of Persia than the Russian weapons maker. I guess we can only expect so much from a tiny figure.

I’m a bit disappointed that this became “THE” outfit that Whiplash was portrayed with on most of the licensed merchandise. Yes, it is a cool scene. Yes, it is an interesting reveal, but it’s more of an accidental outfit and the armor at the end of the film is way cooler. From the advertising, you would think he was a big shirtless dude who cracked an energy whip the whole film.

 The one thing that probably does the most to not sell this as the movie Whiplash is not something that is on the figure, but rather something that isn’t there. Namely, his tattoos. I know it’s hard at this scale, but one or two would have went a long way in adding to this guy.

I have to them credit for the paint on his harness, though. They could have easily wen the cheap way and used one color. The paint isn’t fantastic, but it isn’t horrid either. Overall, it produces a pretty nice effect for this scale.

He could have used some silver lines running down his arms, but I’m willing to overlook those. The downside is those big silver cuffs end up looking more like jewelry.


I’ve said it before, but mini figs are just fun little desktop amusements. They don’t take up much space, so you can have a whole battle going on in that little space under your your monitor.

Like I said above, I needed a baddie to face off against Spidey and Rhodey. Truth be told, I was hoping for Red Skull. Whiplash works out though, since he is more of an “action villain.”

He comes with a couple of accessories. In this case, copies of Spidey’s web rope to imitate his energy whips. I actually think they do a better job here than with Spidey. A little paint would help, but those flexible things don’t hold it real well.

He also comes with an orange block to match his pants. I don’t really know why. I would have thought making them all black would work better. What could I ever use a single orange block to build?


Whiplash isn’t the best of the Mega Blok figures I’ve seen. I do respect the fact they included him in this series which was looking to be all Iron Man and Spiderman repaints.

 Engineernerd Score: 78/100


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