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December 30, 2011 | By More

I really wanted to take a minute at the end of the year and say thanks to all of the great folks that have made this a great year for TV & Film Toys.  Honestly, I’ve had more fun this year than any other since I started the site.

And to start off, I can’t say thank you enough to Errex. We would have hardly any Star Wars reviews without. He also collects and posts a ton of unique items that make me envious of his collection. To be honest, I always get excited when I get a new review from him. A HUGE Thank You, dude!

I want to say thank you to Figure of the Day as well for sponsoring the “Talk to the Skull and Win!” contest. It was a ton of fun for me to read all the entries.

The next group of folks I want to thank are the podcasters. I can’t believe how supportive these folks have been they have been both interactive and helpful, and I really want to thank them individually.

The What’s on Joe Mind? and Flag Points guys have been great resources for GI Joe information and news. They have been extremely patient with my questions and haven’t treated me like the noob that I feel that I’m to my revived Joe collecting. Thanks, guys!

Next up, Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite over at the Open Your Toys Podcast. They have been answering my goofy questions the last few episodes and I’ve never failed to be delighted by their answers. This great couple are my favorite TV-MA toy podcast.  Thanks for all of your support!

Lastly, I can’t give enough thanks to the boys over at Planned Banter. I wish I could do more to thank them for their tireless promotion of TVFT. One very cool bunch of dudes. And guilty by association are all of the extended Twitter Planned Banter Family: FakeEyes22, GreyMatterSplat and NewtonGimmick of the fantastic site, Infinite Hollywood.

I can’t thank all of the toy collectors and nerdy folk on Twitter enough. You all have been interactive, helpful and informative. Because of all of you, my phone is typically stuck in my hand. Even if I’m not tweeting, I’m reading your tweets. Thanks for keeping me well entertained.

One last thank you goes to another toy site, OAFE. While I’ve always been inspired by their reviews, they were the reason for a big change at TVFT this year. I was lamenting on Twitter very earlier in 2011 that I was struggling to organize a number of reviews. Their suggestion was to organize similar to their site with specific days for specific toy lines. This made my life considerably easier and really helped organize the site. We now have Marvel Monday, Name That Accessory Tuesday, GI Joe Wednesday, Name That Shadow Thursday, Anything Goes Friday, and Star Wars Saturday thanks to them. Thanks a bunch guys.

I can give enough thanks to everybody listed above, as well as the countless number of readers and other folks that have made this a great year for me. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Engineernerd says:

    Author’s note:

    I left the outline for this at home and was writing this on the road, so I missed some folks:

    Underscoopfire These guys have great podcast and a site filled with stuff for kids of the 80’s. I’m excited about something I helped them with! (@underscoopfire)

    Robot’s PJ’s Another great podcast and general geek topic site. Thanks for the support! (@robotspjs)

    And I remiss in not mentioning the Terrordrome and all the wonderful RT’s on Twitter (@terrordrome) Thanks a bunch!

    I’m sure I’ve missed even more, don’t feel slighted, I’m old. Honestly, if you are reading this thank you!

  2. oansun says:

    Honestly man, we can’t thank YOU enough. This year has been incredible for us, and our extended Twitter family is one of the things that helps me stay positive through an otherwise dark year. You make doing this show fun with the feedback and Lantern Corpsner add-ons. We couldn’t ask for better listeners and contemporaries (your site is fantastic as always and we always want EVERYONE to go to it.) So thank you back, and from all of us, we deeply appreciate the thanks you gave us and want you to know you are one of the reasons this show has become exponentially better and more popular. PROUD SPONSOR OF ICL HERE FOLKS! Kevin Endeavor thanks you as well, and all of Parliament (damn, I should have made an Christmas E-Card of us as our Parliament characters to give you guys!)
    Thanks, as always.


  3. Newt says:

    Thank YOU for being a friend.
    Traveled down the road and back again
    your heart is true you’re a pal and a confidant!