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January 25, 2012 | By More

I’ve reviewed a number of the Renegades over the past few weeks, but what about Cobra? Don’t worry dear reader, Hasbro provided us with a generic style Cobra trooper to face off against those average joes.


This version of the Cobra Trooper is a little less soldier and a little more security guard. I think these were the Security forces that attack the Joes in the opening of the first episode.

Whey do I think this? Well, he has “Security” written on his back. Ironically, instead of a Cobra Industries outline logo, the four Cobra logos are the classic design. One nice thing is the placement of the back logo is centered on the back pack peg hole, where it doesn’t really detract much.

The majority of his look comes from vest. It’s pretty bulky with a ton of pouches. As a Security guard, he’s not going to need the movement of a tactical soldier. I like the look of this vest. It even includes a flap to cover his butt.

The one downside of it is unlike Tunnel Rat, his scarf/neck protector is built into the vest. While I’m sure it offers more protection, it does limit the amount of movement for his neck joint.

The under uniform is a lighter blue than the vest that really gives him the look of a more corporate type uniform than military. The uniform must be lined as well, since his turned up cuffs are red.

As a change of pace this time, we get a trooper with short sleeves. His bare arms end in a pretty heavy duty pair of gloves. Due to the nature of these gloves, he didn’t the new articulated wrists.

The legs have a removable set of really oversize knee pads. The odd thing is they aren’t universal, they will only fit on one way.

The boots continue the multi colored boot trend we’ve been seeing. This time they are a dark blue that matches his vest. They almost look like something rubberized to me.

It might just be me, but his head reminds me a bit of the Air Trooper. I’m guessing that trooper was designed with Renegades in mind since the vehicle is essentially a Cobra vehicle from the series.

It’s mainly the way the helmet is flattened off on the sides and back. They really look like they are part of the same style. The red goggles fit with the animation style, but really don’t seem that out of place for a Cobra troop. The face underneath is a little generic, but I am willing to give it a pass since he’s a generic troop and you really can’t see much of it.


They say two heads are better than one, and this guy comes with two. The second head is has his face entirely covered. To be honest it looks more like Snake Eyes in a Cobra disguise to me than a Cobra Trooper. If this figure had covered arms, I’d probably like this head better. But with the bare arms, he just doesn’t look right with the covered face to me.

This Cobra Trooper does come with some nifty accessories. Since he’s part of an animated series, he comes with a non-lethal night stick. Makes sense for a security guy.

Another thing that makes sense are handcuffs. While they don’t close completely, they pull off a decent look at this scale. There’s a mysterious hole in the back of his vest that I’ve hooked them into. Although, I suspect it is intended for a radio that wasn’t included.

The last piece of gear is a Renegades style rifle. This is a pretty nice one, even though it is fairly light on detail .


In general, he’s not my favorite of the Renegades figures I’ve picked up. However, he is a very serviceable Cobra Trooper. These guys would like fine as security in an area and actually their vest makes that slightly more believable than average blue shirt. He might not have some limits to his articulation, but how much does a generic baddie need?

Engineernerd Score: 89/100

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  1. Joseph Tages says:

    I think I’ll call him “Cobra Bouncer” instead. Love the pic with the ladies growing impatient. Reminds me of my crappy old job and undergoing the exact same routine.

  2. Engineernerd says:

    Glad you liked the picture. As soon as I saw security on his back, I knew I had to do that way.

  3. Ha! I had to go up and look at the first picture again after reading the comments and I’m glad I did. I haven’t picked up the Renegades Trooper yet, but when I do I’ll probably just use him as an individual. Maybe he’ll hang out with Night Adder and lead the Shock Troopers I have.

  4. Engineernerd says:

    I would have used the exterior of Moe’s, but it’s really hard to get it down from where I have it.