Springfield Speaks Contest (Part 3)

February 27, 2012 | By More

Figure of the Day has returned as a contest sponsor to TVFT, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier to bring everybody a chance to win a really great set of GI Joe figures.

The theme of this set is Cobra. Packed with some favorite army builders and a couple of updates to classic characters, I wish I could win this one for myself. The set contains a Hazard Viper,  Techno Viper, Cobra Trooper, Snake Eyes and Firefly. What’s not to love?


And how do you win is cornucopia of Cobra?

Glad you asked. If you remember the” Talk to the Skull and Win!” contest, it’s the same idea. Comment on the photo at the top of the page, and you are entered! We enjoyed the comments so much on the Bart Simpson Treehouse picture from the last contest, we wanted to go back to Springfield.

Once a week between February 15th and March 4th, we’ll post a photo to comment on. This one is the third of three. You get one entry per comment per picture. (Comment on all three and you get three entries.) You must use a valid email for us to contact you with. We will pick the winner the week of March 5th. The winner will be picked at random from all valid entries by Mrs. Nerd.

The fine print. At this time Figure of the Day only ships to the US, so the contest is only open to US residents. Also, it is not open to the staff of TVFT or their relatives (Sorry, Mom).

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  1. Scott Hall says:

    Ripper, confused by the new register at the Quicky-Mart, stumbles around trying to find the button for Blue-Raspberry Squishies while the B.A.T. has apparently fallen in love with the microwave.

    Oh COBRA, you guys!

  2. Tom says:

    Ripper: Crikey, give me a second here
    SnoSerp: Nah, that’s okay, I don’t need the change or a receipt
    Ripper: Nah mate Battle Apu Trooper said if my drawer was messed up one more time it was back to the Broca Beach store, hold on…

  3. J. Gregal says:

    Ripper: Thank you, come again! Heh heh heh, always wanted to say that…

  4. Jason Lee says:

    Snow Serpent: You figure out how to open that up yet, Ripper?
    Ripper: Give me a second.
    Trooper near door: Can not believe we are robbing a Kwik-E-Mart.
    Other Trooper: How low has Cobra fallen?
    BAT: Quick, Apu is coming back.

  5. Clutch says:

    Ripper: “Mate, I dunno how you arctic types can can stomach this frozen stuff.”

    Snow Serpent: “This from a guy who downs chocolate-covered donuts with grape soda. Just give me my change already.”

    Background Cobra #1: “Why are these biker dudes ALWAYS around? Are they the Commander’s illegitimate kin or something?”

    Background Cobra #2: “I think Zartan’s got serious dirt on him and that’s why these kooks are on the payroll.”

    BAT to microwave: “MO-THER…?”

  6. Joe (Firefly_Cobra) says:

    Someone should try to recruit the bullies for Cobra.

  7. john Carl says:

    After the carnage COBRA COMMANDER cause at springfield DMV, the crew decided to reward themselves for a job well done, So they head over to the Steak and Shake to relax and enjoy the gruesome pictures on their new Licence renewals. And since they were already there WHY NOT JUST ROB THE JOINT…Empty the register!!! we got all day, The Springfield DONUT squad are still cleaning up the mess at the DMV. And the NUCLEAR POWER PLANT being destroyed we now OWN THIS FREAKFEST OF A TOWN…CooooBrrAAAA

  8. Brent Brown says:

    “Why don’t they have a 2 items on your face or less one?”

  9. Brent Brown says:

    “Why don’t they have a 2 items on your face or less line?”

  10. Newt says:

    BAT: Guys, whatever you do… Don’t go outside. There’s giant yellow people out there!

    Snow Serpent: Yeah, you should have seen the wedgie they gave Cobra Commander!

  11. Diane says:

    Snow Serpent: “Hello Ripper. Could you get me one of those beers with candy floating in it? What do you call it, Skittle-brow?”

    Ripper: “Such a product don’t exist, mate. I think you must have dreamed it.”

  12. Stacey says:

    A BAT near a microwave? Isn’t that like Krusty’s pacemaker near a microwave?

  13. Jennifer says:

    This is not to scale! Jimbo and Kearney have big heads. hehe. And who would want a squishee with arctic gear on?