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February 3, 2012 | By More

I was struck recently when listening to these podcasts back to pack the similarities and contrasts between the two. I really enjoy both of them, and what they have to offer.

I’ve been listening to Planned Banter for a while now. You can tell these guys are friends and have really gelled together. Their show covers a variety of geek topics from comics to movies and everything in between. They have specialists in some areas, but all of them have an appreciation for their topics.

UnderScoopFire is a podcast dedicated to the children of the 80’s. Now that us 80’s folks might be grown up, but we still love most of the same things we did back in the day. The same music, cartoons, and movies. The USF gang does a great job of looking at the modern versions of these topics through 80’s Ray Bans.

Ironically, both pods have several similarities. Both have casts that were friends in life long before the podcast. Both have members you are movie projectionists. Both have members that have loves for comics, movies, wrestling, etc…

In short, they are kind of like different generations of the same group. While the UnderScoopFire guys are bit older with family responsibilities, they use the podcast as a way to get together and stay in touch with their friends. The Planned Banter guys use the time in a similar way, except they aren’t as far in life’s journey.

I really can’t say how much I enjoy listening to both of these. It’s like hanging out with a bunch of the guys talking about things you love to talk about. Are their tangents? Yes. Are there rude jokes? Sometimes. Do they rip on each other like school boys? Yup. Would I hang out with either group? Without a doubt.

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  1. Wow, that’s crazy about the projectionist similarity! Thanks for the kind words though I do wish there were fewer rude jokes (even though I’m probably responsible for half of them with Kevin Endeavor)! I guess that’s what those high-falutin’ types call irony…

  2. fess says:

    After reading your musing on the above podcasts i thought i’d give them a go and started with Planned Banter’s Ep #100 and UnderScoop Fire Ep #49 and found them both to be truly entertaining. Although similair to a degree they are quite distinct and different which makes for a nice mix.

    the biggest attraction to me whenever i hear a podcast is how do they sound. i have downloaded quite a few podcasts where the hosts might know their stuff but they just don’t have the voices that come out and grab you. being a podcast you have to sell me with what i am hearing off the bat otherwise you have lost me at, Hello!

    the way they react off each other is very much like how my group of friends would converse with one another over a meal. We would jump from topic to topic – sports, films, cars, girls, anything and nothing in particular and just bounce over the place. I missed that sort of banter with my friends and it seems that with the exception of one or two of the group the rest have either “grown up” or left their inner child behind. its sad in a way that i have to find an alternative outlet like podcasts to be able to discuss (more like hear as its a one way conversation) for all things geeky & pop culture as very few people my age would want to talk about it. Which is why i take off my hat to you Engineernerd for your dedication to your website and your occassional appearances on the AFB podcast which goes some way to letting me know i am not really that alone

  3. Engineernerd says:

    Thanks Fess! I’m working on a project with Underscoopfire right now, so keep listening!