Wolverine (Mega Bloks)

February 6, 2012 | By More

Wolverine has become the public face of the X-Men in recent years, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see him in this form. In a classic uniform, this Logan is a standout among the sea of Iron Men in this line so far.


He’s a block figure. So there’s some caricature at work here. However, I’ve always thought of Logan as a s shorter, stockier guy, so I don’t think he’s as misproportioned as some of the other Mega Bloks figures have been. He actually looks like a little Mini Me for your other Wolverine figures.

The yellow is bright on this guy. The blue is also bright, but not as fluorescent as the molded yellow. The paint is fairly well done for this size figure, and I really don’t have any complaints. Well, maybe a tiny one. I’d have preferred the boots to have some sculpt to them instead of all paint.

The face and head almost say more Batman than Wolverine to me for some reason. I think because the half mask is showing a scowl. Logan never seems to have his mouth closed long enough to scowl.


I have to admit something. The ball joint for the head was really tough to get together. I’m not sure if it was the points on his head or not, but I could’t get it to pop on. I left him sitting on the kitchen table headless. The next day when I got home from work, he was complete. Apparently, Mrs. Nerd was able to just pick him up and pop him together.

Now for the part that makes this a Wolverine review. The claws. They are silver molded add-on pieces that he holds in his hands. To me they look like something you would find at Lowe’s for gathering leaves up to put in a bag in the fall. They just don’t look like his claws. I’d have rather seen extra hands, but that hasn’t been something we have seen in this line.

One thing that struck me as kind of cool, was the scale to the bulky Minimates. When I took the picture at the top of the page, I didn’t really expect them to look that neat together. Obviously, Ben Grimm’s bulk helps. Could make for some neat scenes, though.


For a fairly inexpensive blind pack figure, I really can’t complain. The paint is done well enough. And there’s no denying this is Wolverine. If the claws had just been a little bit better.

Engineernerd Score: 85/100


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  1. Errex says:

    Now, this is a very fun line to collect and Wolverine is definitely among my favorites. I was surprised to see how good he looks besides the Minimate Thing.

  2. jestergoblin says:

    I was never able to find Wolverine for my collection! I’m still amazed he was the ultra rare in the case.

  3. Engineernerd says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for him. One of my WM’s still has that series.