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The Star Wars Expanded Universe can be so many things for different people. For some, it is a valid continuation of the exploits of their heroes outside the frame of the movies; while others think it’s just thinly veiled attempt to keep milking the same intellectual property.


My own personal opinion is in a constant flux between those two extremes, depending on my mood and, truth be told, the ease with which I get the latest Expanded Universe character made into plastic.


Now, it could be argued that the subject of today’s review, Quinlan Vos (VC85), from Hasbro’s Star Wars Vintage Collection, isn’t really an Expanded Universe character, since he is seen as a background character in Episode I, but let me remind you that the actual character was developed based on a text blurb written by some Decipher employee for their defunct collectible card game.


From that starting point, the character of Jedi master Quinlan Vos made the jump to comics and novels, and eventually got included in the animated TV series.


Now, there have been at least a couple of figures made of Vos before (a comic pack, if memory serves me right, and the Clone Wars animated version), but what makes this release special is that this is the first time Quinlan Vos is depicted wearing the outfit he had on in his theatrical debut all those years ago.


Quinlan is dressed simply in dark brown loose pants and tunic, although the footwear looks more utilitarian than Jedi issued boots and the pistol holster dangling from his waist provides a distinct Western feel to the attire.


The sculpted detail on the clothes is excellent and the fabric skirt integrates well with the plastic pieces. The head is composed of two pieces, the head proper and the hair, which is glued separately. The face sculpt is stern and has a lot of personality, framed by the rubber locks of the wig piece. The dreadlocks do seem a bit too thick for the scale, but the overall look is quite effective.


The articulation model used for Quinlan Vos is outstanding and consists of:


Ball jointed neck.

Pegged hinge shoulders.

Pegged hinge elbows.

Swivel wrists.

Swivel waist.

Pegged hinge hips.

Pegged hinge knees.

Pegged hinge ankles.


All of these joints work just fine. The hip configuration allows for lateral extension and the costume design hides perfectly the misalignment needed for the more dramatic stances. Even the neck, which I thought would be grossly limited by the hair, has enough range for subtly nuanced poses, thanks to the pliability of the material used for the wig.


Even though Quinlan’s attire is fairly monochrome and the figure was molded mostly from brown plastic, there is a nice amount of painted details like tiny metallic clasps, the lighter inner tunic and Vos’ facial tattoos.


Quinlan Vos comes equipped with a blaster pistol (for those times when wiping out a lightsaber would be considered overkill, no doubt), an ignited lightsaber with a light green blade and a deactivated lightsaber hilt he can carry on his belt. The lightsaber hilts are painted in bright silver, with small golden details near the top, but the pistol seems to be just molded in a dark gray plastic.


Even though I am not a big fan of Quinlan Vos as a character, this action figure is without a doubt one of the strongest released in wave 11 of the Star Wars Vintage Collection.


Errex Score: 95/100


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