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June 27, 2012 | By More

I fear I’m becoming addicted to all the fine items over at Marauder. There were a couple of new pistols in the just recently released series 6 from them. This made me think it was a perfect time to gather up some hand guns and try and see what I thought of them all.

Tactical Pistol

First up is a pistol I’ve had for a bit, the tactical automatic pistol. I’m guessing due to the ejector port being on top this gun it might be a Taurus 9mm, but don’t quite me. There’s way too many pistols out there for me to compare all the pics.

For being a fairly small gun, the grip is a bit big on this one. It’s both wide and thick, so watch for stretched hands. The nice thing due to the ejector slot on top is that it breaks up the profile and gives the gun a bit of a unique looks. Combine that with some nice texture on the grip and you have a fairly well detailed looking 9mm pistol.

Desert Eagle

This is a big pistol from the new series 6 weapons. Which makes sense since it’s real world counter part is a .50 cal monster of a gun. You need to keep this in mind if you are buying it for a smaller figure. It will stretch the hand of a figure out if left in the grip for a while. Also keep in mind, this isn’t a gun you typically would fire one handed.

The pistol itself is nice. A Desert Eagle has a bit of a distinct shape and I think they did a pretty nice job of capturing that here. Particularly, the triangular shape of the front of the gun.

The way the slide works on this pistol, it is possible to mount a scope to it. To that effect, they have included a small peg hole on the top of the gun. I wasn’t able to get any of the modular scopes to fit it. However, it would be pretty easy to make a scope pin a bit smaller and add it to the gun. I’m guessing the folks that will do that will be gluing it it in place, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.


Every file card back in the vintage days seemed to list this pistol. The .45 cal M1911 has been in service since, you guessed it 1911. There have been some versions of this pistol that have came with figures over the years, but I wanted to check this one out.

I have to say I was glad I did. Where a lot of mass market weapons come out flat looking the detail is really nice. The characteristic indentation under the nose and checking on the slide all really help pull this gun together.

To be honest, at this scale, it isn’t much smaller than the Desert Eagle.  I know that a number of military and police forces are using 9mm pistols more these days. However, this is a classic gun, and I would have no problem making this a standard issue pistol if I was outfitting a squad of Joe figures.

G-18 w/ Extended Magazine

I saw this was part of the new series 6 items, so I thought I’d pick it up with no knowledge of the real life pistol. This gun is variant of a standard Glock 17. The G18 is a pistol that has selective fire and will shoot in a full automatic mode. Obviously in full auto, you could go through a full standard magazine pretty quick. To help that situation, a 33 round extended magazine is made for this gun.

This is that version of the pistol. Glock’s are pretty nondescript in their form, so this looks like a pretty basic gun. The extended magazine is fairly plain as well. I general it’s a pretty nice weapon. I don’t know that I will have a lot of use for this particular gun. It will look a bit odd in a holster. I’d probably use it more for some sort of security personnel than an attack force in a diorama.


I’ve yet to find a Marauder item I’ve been disappointed with. Any of these pistols would make a great sidearm for a Joe figure. The detail is great on all of them, and they look like real world guns.

I have to say my favorite out of this bunch turned out to be the 1911. It seems to fit figure hands the best and is just a classic gun. The others will find their way into figure’s hands though, don’t worry. If I’d been thinking I’d have ordered the 9mm at the same time as a possible Cobra forces pistol.

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Engineernerd Score: 97/100


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  1. giTom says:

    Nice! Marauder Inc does amazing work. Plus, they supply just what we need for some of these new figures that have holsters and no pistols.
    And the Cobra troopers that just come with only one of those tiny thin pistols? Marauder has what they need!