Android 2-Pack (SDCC 2012 Exclusive)

August 10, 2012 | By More

As far as phones go, I can’t bring myself to drink the fruit juice. I have an Android phone I love.  So it made sense when I found a vinyl figure of the cute little mascot for Google’s operating system, that I would pick it up.

That turned out to be a dangerous path, since Intergalactic Toys stocked the blind boxed art versions of the Android. I picked up one. When I got home and unboxed it, it turned out to be the cupcake version. Mrs. Nerd took one look, and said, “Mine.” I picked up a few more, and somehow, they all ended up on her desk. Obviously she liked them as much as I did.

When I found out there were going to be SDCC exclusives this year, I reached out on Twitter. Matt Guzy from the AwesomeToyBlog answered the call immoderately. He’s one incredibly nice guy, with a really great site. Go check them out.

The exclusive is a two pack, with ‘droids dressed for activities that suit me. One is grilling, the other is in a Star Trek inspired uniform ready for con going.

The grilling droid is has a pair of floral shorts and an apron on. The painting on these guys is just perfect. I’ve never been let down. The lines and details are always really crisp.

Instead of regular eyes, he has silver sunglasses on. It. looks a bit odd with the bumps for the eyes. But, I kind of like it.

This is the first android we’ve got with accessories, and even those are pretty cool. He of course comes with grill that is a staple of summer. The shape is similar to the shape of the android head. It even has an inset ring around the top similar to his neck. It has a couple of burgers and hot dogs on it.

He couldn’t grill without tools, so he gets a flipper. The flipper pegs into a hole in his right hand, which isn’t a standard Android feature. It’s a bit tricky to get it in place. They fit very tight together, and his body keeps you from being able to get very much leverage on it.


The second droid is one dressed in a faux Trek uniform. Yes, he’s a redshirt. However, red is also Scotty’s color which makes it my preferred color.

It’s the little details they get into these figures that really make them shine. Here, he has a small Android figure tucked into a shirt pocket. Also, his insignia is a modified Androidfied Trek logo.

He also get an accessory, a con badge. The Android Con badge has a tiny Android head on it and hangs by a string around his neck. Very cool choice instead of having it painted on.




I love these guys and can’t thank Matt enough for picking them up. They are just a perfect execution of cartoon type design on base form.

The suitcase package was clever as well, and really for a con exclusive, the price on these was reasonable.

That’ll do Droid, that’ll do.

Engineernerd Score: 98/100

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  1. Errex says:

    Those look really nice and fun. It’s like these two were specifically designed for you.

  2. Engineernerd says:

    It really is. If they had been really artsy versions, I may have passed, but these just hit way too close to home to let slip by.