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August 1, 2012 | By More

I swear ever time I watch Sons of Guns I learns something about guns and GI Joe. This week I learned that the guns shown in the new Total Recall are Kriss Vectors. It’s also the same type of gun that came with the POC Dusty.

When I first saw this gun, I really thought it was intended to be a made up weapon. Like some sort of futuristic laser rifle. I was apparently wrong.

What I hadn’t connected was the fact that Dusty had came with this gun and I got one from Marauder. This was one of their little thank you pack ins, so I had set it aside while I worked on some other things.

Then I saw Sons of Guns and it all came together.

The Kriss Vector is a submachine gun cable of  three round bursts. And comes with a variety of magazines up to thirty rounds. (If you do the math, you realize this thing can empty a mag fast.)

The silver gun above is the Hasbro version and the black is the Marauder version. Overall, the Hasbro version is kind of chunky in comparison. All of the detail just seems over wrought on that one compared to the Marauder one.

There are a couple of different versions of stock that come with this gun and I’m guess that is why the Marauder one has a round tubular style stock versus the square one of Hasbro’s gun. Looking at the stock though, you an see something that I thing takes the Hasbro version down a notch. To me, it looks like it was made from a flat piece with details cut out and around it.

I do like the look of the smaller front handle on the Hasbro one. The Marauder one is easier to get in in a figure’s hands, though. Your actual mileage may vary.

The other area where the Marauder Vector has the edge is the customization. The Marauder version is part of their modular weapons system, meaning it has peg holes for changing the optics. There’s a variety of scopes available. Mine also came with an add on silencer. Decked out, this is a pretty groovy little gun. The detail in the holographic scope that amazed me? You can see through it!

I also need to add that the top rail has two holes instead of one. This way you have a couple of spots to put your scopes.


Even after it’s TV appearance, I’m still not a huge fan of this gun. However, I could see it being used in as a light weight security gun. Being fairly low profile, it might lend it self to a covert operative as well.

That said, I think Marauder put together a really great version of this gun. As always, this gun is a couple of notches above it’s mass market counterpart.

Engineernerd Score:95/100

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