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August 31, 2012 | By More


The other day, I was at a store, perusing the action figure pegs and I came across a 4 inch. Sub-Zero figure that looked substantially different than the one I reviewed not long ago. A closer inspection revealed that Jazwares made another line of MK figures under the “Klassic” moniker, and this was one of them.

So, the obvious difference is the character design. The Klassic Sub-Zero was sculpted to portray the more simplified designs from the original Mortal Kombat game, so there are no intricate textures nor minute detailing anywhere on this figure, although the body proportions look decidedly more “heroic” and the cleaner design works better with the rather simple sculpture.

Klassic Sub-Zero does not share pieces with his modern version, but he still gets the same articulation model consisting of:

• Ball jointed neck.

• Hinged peg shoulders.

• Hinged peg elbows.

• Swivel wrists.

• Floating torso.

• Hinged peg hips.

• Hinged peg knees.

• Hinged peg ankles.

The joints work fine although they are slightly loose. Jazwares continues to insert injection-molded joints only at shoulders, hips and ankles, with the rest of the hinges being of the kind that has the rotation pin inserted after the pieces had been removed from the molds, but Klassic Sub-Zero still gets good stability.

Sub-Zero is molded entirely in black plastic, with only the articulation discs and pins at shoulders and elbows molded in flesh colored plastic. The paint applications are limited to the exposed flesh areas on his arms and face and the bright blue areas of his costume. Both the blue and the flesh colored paint show a very good coverage over the black plastic and are applied very neatly with absolutely no shading.

Klassic Sub-Zero comes with no accessories, which is just fine considering his hands are balled into fists, although he can still use the translucent bits that come with figures from different lines.

Even with no accessories included, I kind of ended up liking the Klassic Sub-Zero a bit more than Modern Sub-Zero. Sure, the Modern one has a more detail, but the Klassic has a more vibrant look. I guess it all comes down to personal preference, but either way, Klassic Sub-Zero is a pretty fun figure to have.



Errex Score: 83/100


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  1. Tom says:

    While I wouldn’t say I “hate” it, I really think I prefer the more detailed figure, the concept is kinda cool but just like going back and playing the OG Kombat I think it’s buzz is kinda fleeting. Great review as always!

  2. jestergoblin says:

    Well, there are two versions of Sub-Zero in the MK universe so having classic and modern works great.