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Well, one of my guilty pleasures are blind-packaged minifigs. And there is a good deal to choose from, from LEGO to the more varied Megabloks offerings.

Of the Megabloks range, I have a soft spot for the Halo themed ones, of which there are 6 Series produced so far. Now, that account is not entirely precise, because Megabloks decided to offer a Series 5 in the USA and elsewhere, and for Mexico they went with an exclusive to Blockbuster Series 5.5., which, for al intent and purposes number six series.

Even though both Series are almost identical in the character lineup, Series 5 and Series 5.5 both have different product codes, one being is 96978 and the other 97013 respectively.

Each series of figures are formed by figures classified as Common, Rare and Ultra Rare, but in these series also include three Mistery Figures of undetermined rarity, all molded in translucent-colored plastic. Both series have the same characters, except for the Ultra Rare ones, which are different for each.


Common Figures:


• Copper Covenant Grunt. New mold, nice color. Comes armed with a Needler.


• UNSC Green Spartan. Been seeing these guys ever since the line started, but the deco is cleaner and he comes with a Shotgun.


• UNSC Yellow Marine. Exposed face design, not a fan of the color but the shading wash helps. Comes with a Beam rifle.


• Purple Covenant Combat Elite. Another fairly common character with the newer elite body. Armed with a Beam rifle.


• UNSC Cobalt Marine. Same mold as the Yellow Marine with a different head. Nice color and comes with a Shotgun.


Rare Figures:


• Flood Combat Form. Basically an Elite with a new head and left arm. The end result is pretty nice and comes armed with a Needler.


• Arctic UNSC CQB. One of the nicest armor permutations. The shading wash really enhances the details. Armed with a suppressed SMG.


Ultra Rare Figures:


• Pink Air Assault Spartan (Series 5). The only female Spartan released so far in this format. She has a suppressed SMG.


• Stealth EVA Spartan (Series 5.5). Possibly the coolest of the bunch, also comes armed with a suppressed SMG


Mistery Figures:


These are all Spartan II molds with absolutely no paint deco on them.


• UNSC Clear Red Spartan: Armed with a Needler.


• UNSC Clear Blue Spartan : Armed with a Beam rifle.


• UNSC Smoke Spartan

: Armed with a Shotgun.


Except for the Grunt, all of these figures share the same basic articulation consisting of balljoints at the neck, shoulders and hips, hinges at elbows and knees and simple wrist swivels.

The Grunt is a new, more articulated figure than the previous designs. This one has swivel joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, waist and hips.

The paint deco on all of these figures is generally good, but the UNSC figures usually get a shading wash, which adds some randomness to their appearance.

None of the weapons have any sort of paint deco on them.Each individual bag contains a figure, a small block or plate to use as a display stand, a weapon and an insert catalog

Even though most of the figures in these series are simply repaints of available molds, as a whole the line offers a nice variety of characters with a good balance between Hero and Trooper types. And for about $3.00 USD per bag, these are a pretty good value, in my opinion.


Errex Score: 95/100


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