Clone Commander Fox (CW18)

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One staple in the current Clone Wars line by Hasbro is (obviously) the incluision of Clone Troopers in their various designations and ranks in every wave. At this point is pretty much a given that each new case of figures will contain one or two Clones, either as new or carry-forward figures from previous waves.


One of the all new characters for 2012 is Clone Commander Fox (CW18). According to the card back, Fox is the commanding officer of the Coruscant Guard, the red and white Shocktroopers charged with the protection of the Senate and the Supreme Chancellor.


Commander Fox is presented in phase 2 armor with a modified, non-removable helmet and command skirt with two functional holsters at each side. The upper torso is a clear re-use of the 2012 Commander Cody mold since the peg hole at his back is clearly visible.


The figure uses new, entirely different molds for the head, forearms and legs, but as a cost cutting measure, Hasbro decided to use a reduced articulation model that goes like this:


• Ball jointed neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Swivel waist.

• Swivel hips.


And that’s pretty much it. Even though the lack of wrist joints hurts, from the waist up Fox functions close enough to what I’m used to be a fun figure, but the leg design is what really hurts this figure, in my opinion.


Taking into consideration the rubber skirt piece, the only way for Hasbro to do justice to a figure such as this would be to give it the full knee and ankle treatment, otherwise they might as well mold the entire lower body as a one solid piece of plastic, since Fox won’t fit in vehicles, sit or adopt any other pose than just standing.


The entire figure is molded in a dark red plastic, with the white armor section painted on. The paint application is quite neat and the coverage of the white is pretty consistent all over the figure. There is no shading or battle damage on Commander Fox, but the left shoulder pad sports the crest of the Senate Guard.


Clone Commander Fox ships with a pair of small blaster pistols and a spring-loaded projectile launcher. In addition to these weapons, Fox also comes with a plastic display base, a die and the corresponding Galactic Battle Game stats card.


Commander Fox looks good standing alongside my other Clone Commanders and his color scheme is quite striking, but those reasons alone may not be enough for most people to buy him.


Errex Score: 70/100


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