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December 17, 2012 | By More

Loki is one of those Marvel villains I never cared much for. That is, until the Thor movie came along and director Kenneth Brannagh added quite some depth to the character played by actor Tom Hiddlestone.


I never got the chance to get the King Loki figure from that film’s associated toy line even though I did manage to get the casual-attire version not too long ago. I still wanted to have a more regal-looking Loki, so the twelfth figure in the 2012 Avengers line proved to be a gods’ send.


Cosmic Spear Loki wears the tunic, cape and big-horned helm we see at the start of his nefarious plan. The costume on the figure consists of a rubber tunic piece glued to the torso and a pliable rubber cape attached to the back.


The costume has a lot of sculpted textures to represent ornate plate mail and leather apparel that I find very reminiscent to the designs used for the elven warriors seen at the opening battle in the first Lord of the Rings movie.


Loki’s helmet is also heavily decorated with textures, and even though most of the face is covered by it, I do think the figure offers a pretty decent resemblance to Mr. Hiddlestone.


The cape, unfortunately, is not removable, although it is nicely sculpted and has an interesting shape, not static but also not too dynamic, and it is made from a very pliable material.


Loki has the same limited amount of articulation Hasbro used for the Iron Man and Hawkeye figures from this same line, consisting of:


• Ball jointed neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Pegged hinge hips.

• Upper thigh swivels.

• Pegged hinge knees.


The movement range is generally good, with only the shoulders being little bit limited by the shoulder armor design, but even the hips have a pretty decent range despite the rubber tunic pieces hanging in front of them.


As usual the cape serves as an extra support in some poses, but it also messes a bit with the balance of the figure due to its weight and asymmetrical shape.


Even though at a glance Loki’s paintjob looks really great, a closer look reveals a lot of tiny issues, ranging from stray paint at the edges of the golden bits to thick globs of paint clogging the finer sculpted textures.


Since the basic color palette is limited to black, gold and green, none of these mistakes is too distracting and there are still a few touches that really enhance Loki’s appearance, like the subtle copper paint applied to the front of Loki’s helmet horns and the neatly painted eyes.


Now, for a character that comes armed with a spear (which was a two-handed weapon last time I checked), I found it odd that Hasbro decided to sculpt the left hand as a closed fist, thus limiting further the possible uses of the included accessories.


For Cosmic Spear Loki comes armed with the Cosmic Spear (no surprise there, I think), but also with another of those gimmick contraptions re-used from the Thor line that resembles a double headed halberd with blades that extend on one of the heads at the push of a handle.


The Cosmic Spear look really nice, although I don’t think the blue jewel in it should be shaped like a cube. The other weapon looks just OK and the action feature works decently, but that will certainly not keep it out of the Inane Junk Box for long.


Despite all the minor flaws it has, I still find myself liking this figure more than I expected. Sure, I would have liked it better if Hasbro had at least included wrist joints, but even as it is, Cosmic Spear Loki is a pretty solid addition to my collection.


Errex Score: 83/100


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  1. Tom says:

    The first pic makes it look alomost like some sort of cosmic “axe” like Loki is getting ready to launch into an epic solo “And she’s climbing a stairway to Vallhalla…”