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January 2, 2013 | By More

2012 in collecting, to me, at least, it reminded me of what is called a rebuilding year in sports terminology. There was some good, some bad, and some just meh. Actually, lot of meh.

Mattel still doesn’t seem to understand that we would buy decent DC toys if they would put them out there at the same quality as Marvel Universe. The best example of this is the Dark Knight Rises figures. Multiple repaints of the same Batman figure with one bad guy in the line. I’m sure they will improve this for the Superman film this year….wait. They didn’t

Hasbro seems to be repeating the issues of the past with higher prices and spotty distribution. I know internet shopping is the new “way” of collecting, I just prefer the thrill of the hunt. There were Star Wars figures I still have never seen on the pegs. (Gamorean Guard, I’m looking right at you.)

Speaking of Star Wars, it must have been a good year since I bought more than one figure. Jar Jar was a long over due upgrade in the Vintage Collection. I also have to say the X-ray head Vader isn’t a bad improvement either. Really, considering that I have multiple previous versions of these characters, they must have been pretty good for me to pick up.

The real winners for me this year are the blind bagged lines. Collectors and companies seem to be flocking to this concept. I think this is due to a couple reasons. First, the price point. Picking up a licensed collectible in the $3-4 dollar range seems to be a happy impulse buy for folks. Second, here it comes again, I think it’s the thrill of the hunt. Collectors want to experience that joy of finding something new they weren’t expecting.

There were three high points in collecting for me this year. First, reading Errex’s reviews. Somehow he has managed to deftly dodge the demons of distribution and come up with some really cool items to review. I often drool over his pictures. Thanks, for all that you do!

Second, I found I absolutely love being part of the Action Figure Blues Podcast. I’m truly humbled to get to be part of it. While getting to do an audio version of Name That is fun, getting to interact with collectors half way around the world has been both educational and entertaining. I can not say enough kind words to Scott and the crew for adding me to the host rotation. The time I spend chatting with my collecting brothers in arms has renewed some old interests and is something I always look forward to each week.

Last, all of the fans, readers, tweeters, posters etc. You guys continue to make this worth doing. Know that you all not only take a moment out of your lives to read what is posted here, but also share your thoughts and pass links along brings a smile to my face. It’s pretty cool to see the little family of collectors grow and interact with each other. While we each seem to have different collecting interests, I think we all recognize the collector gene in each other and respect that.

To all the collectors out there, I wish you well stocked pegs and happiness in 2013!


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  1. Tom says:

    Made me all misty eyed… not really, 2012 was a big, nay HUGE meh for me, the figures I was most interested in ended up being discount store figures (thanks for the help with those by the way). Hoping good things are in store for the upcoming movie lines and hopefully some new non-movie line articulated for 2013. Excelsior!