Clone Commander Wolffe (Phase 2 Armor)

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Clone Commander Wolffe (CW17) is another of the “new” characters that made it into Hasbro’s The Clone Wars assortment. The character is relatively prominent because he is the commander of the clones serving under Jedi Master Ploo Koon, a character that is voiced by none other than TV series producer/director Dave Filoni.


Unfortunately, the figure is not that impressive, being mostly a kitbash of previously used pieces with only a newly sculpted helmet and a distinctive paintjob.


Similar to wave companion Commander Fox, Wolffe has the same limited articulation design and the attire is fundamentally the same, consisting on phase 2 armor with a modified helmet and a command skirt with two functional holsters at each side. The upper torso and left shoulder piece are a clear re-use of the Commander Cody mold with the peg hole at his back and the shoulder antenna being a clear giveaway.


The new reduced articulation model used for Wolffe and his fellow clone commanders consists of:


• Ball jointed neck.

• Pegged hinge shoulders.

• Pegged hinge elbows.

• Swivel waist.

• Swivel hips.


The upper torso articulation is actually quite tolerable, even though the wrist joints are sorely missed. I still don’t like the current leg design, but I have to concede that at least Wolffe can stand on his own without problem, and since the rubber skirt piece would not allow the figure to sit or ride into vehicles the reduced articulation is not such a great loss anyway.


Wolffe seems to be molded entirely in light gray plastic with fairly complex Wolf Pack marking applied on both shoulders pads and helmet.


As most figures geared with command skirts, Wolffe ships with a pair of small blaster pistols that fit the built in holsters and a spring-loaded projectile launcher. As usual, the figure also comes with a plastic display base, a die and the corresponding Galactic Battle Game stats card.


Of the two Clone Commanders released in this wave, I must say that I actually like Wolffe a little better because of his color scheme, but keep in mind that this is not as fun a figure as it could have been.


Errex Score: 73/100


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