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January 26, 2013 | By More

It’s been a long time since I bought a clone trooper or the like. I have bunch and just really don’t need more. The Shock Trooper lured me in for a couple reasons. First, he was on sale. Second, I only have two of them.


Like most clone troopers, the base armor is the standard we’ve grown used to. His main distinction is the colorful red marking his armor displays.

For the most part the red is painted well. The edge of the red on the chest seems a bit odd, but I’m not sure what is screen accurate, but I suspect it just doesn’t end like it does here.

The arms, legs and helmets are bit cleaner and look good to my eye. The lines are crisp, which helps.

I want to say that I actually prefer this helmet over the regular Stormtrooper armor. The eye slit with this design seems like it would give a much better field of vision. The helmet is removable, and I think due to this, appears a tad large.

Under the helmet is a standard Jango head. I really wish they had done a bald one in the vintage line.

I do like the detail on the back pack and right arm. It looks good even without paint on it.


This is essentailly a trooper builder, but it has the articulation of a good GI Joe figure. Ankles and wrists are both articulated here, which is nice, The wrists are the one that is up and down and one that is left and right for getting just the right gun pose.

I will say I have nothing to complain about with the articulation. It’s all blended in well to the sculpt and works correctly. The shoulder pads are smartly here, cover the joint.

Of course, every trooper has to be armed, and this guy is no exception. He comes with not one but two guns.

The first is a standard clone trooper rifle. I was a bit disappointed at first he doesn’t have a holster for it. But thinking about it, I don’t remember any of the prequel clones having a holster. I don’t know why this never occurred to me or bothered me up until now, but it does. I’ll get over it.

He also comes with a longer rifle. I have to say I like the sculpting and detail on both of these. It doesn’t hurt they have a some silver paint on them to make the detail pop a bit, either.

Lastly, he comes with the helmet I mentioned above. The one think I didn’t like about it is the fit. It’s a bit looser than I would have like. I suspect I will always display him with it on. So it’s a bit annoying when it rolls off if falls over.




Will he’s not the most exciting action figure I’ve got in recent history, he’s far from the worse.  A good solid trooper builder with great articulation, the Shock Trooper isn’t a bad thing to have around. Especially, if you plan on creating a Mustafar final battle diorama at some point.

Engineernerd Score: 90/100



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  1. Errex says:

    Very, very cool figure. Although I did not see the need for a new mold after the first one in the Vintage line, these slimmer ones have grown on me over time.