Obi-Wan Kenobi (Light-Up Lightsaber)

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Continuing my look at the novelty figures released by Hasbro, as part of the 2012 Movie Heroes line today is the turn of the Light-up version of Obi –Wan Kenobi.


IMG03164-20121218-2314This Obi-Wan Kenobi (MH16) is a depiction of the character from Episode I, and I must say that the sculpture is really good, even though as usual, some allowances have to be made because of the electronics inside.


The Jedi outfit is well detailed and even though the figure looks slightly wider than usual, the design of the tunic helps to disguise the fact. The wide sleeves also help in trying to hide the lightsaber hilt, although with a lesser level of success. The really great part about the sculpt is the head, which shows an astonishingly good resemblance to actor Ewan McGregor, forehead mole and all.


The rubber skirt piece that simulates the lower edge of the tunic is removable, allowing for some level of interaction with vehicles despite the rather scarce articulation design, which consists of:


IMG03162-20121218-2313• Ball jointed neck.

• Swivel shoulders.

• Pegged hinge left elbow.

• Swivel left wrist.

• Swivel hips.

• Pegged hinge knees.


The range of motion for the right shoulder is limited to a roughly 90° arc, with hard stops at the upper and lower positions to prevent tearing the internal wiring by twisting the arm all around.


The inside of the right arm contains a bright blue LED, covered by the removable lightsaber blade. The blade has a very slight blue color, but when the light from the LED hits it from the inside, blade lights up quite brightly.


IMG03169-20121218-2324The activation button is concealed as the belt buckle on the figure and you could use the rubber skirt piece to keep it pressed down and light up the blade, although doing so would probably eat up the batteries even faster, which would not be a desirable thing since these cannot be replaced.


Most of the figure is molded in the final plastic colors, so there is very little paint applied on this Obi-Wan, other than a few darker spots of brown for his boots and belt, the neck post and the hair and eyes paint apps.


Like most any other Movie Heroes figure, Obi-Wan comes with a plastic display base, the corresponding Galactic Battle Game stats card and a playing die.


To be honest, the main reason I got this figure was because I planned on using this head sculpt with a more articulated Obi-Wan body, but as it turns out, the peg hole on this Obi-Wan’s head is not readily compatible with the posts on those other figures.


Still, even with that option dashed, this Light-up Obi-Wan Kenobi turned out to be a pretty quirky and fun addition to my collection and, Who knows? Maybe down the road I’ll be able to pick another on clearance to actually put knife (or in this case, Dremel) to plastic and customize me a really cool Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi. .



Errex Score: 82/100




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  1. Engineernerd says:

    I honestly think the likeness is one of the best early Obis.