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gandalf_mapI have to hand it to Lego. They’ve realized that there are a group of collectors out there primarily interested in the minifigures and have given us ways to get primary characters without having to buy a huge set. This Gandalf came poly bagged around Easter and didn’t hang around too long.

Gandalf is much as you would expect him. All in grey. They didn’t cheap out and gave him one of those little fabric Lego capes. Between that, the beard and the hat, the little head is holding a lot together

For a little set, they really packed it in this one with some cool pieces. He comes with the required wizard’s staff and sword. However, the coolest piece he has snagged is a tiny printed map. I have to say well done to the Lego folks for this one. It’s better than a number of other accessories out there for regular action figure lines.


base_2In addition Gandalf, there’s also a bit of  set piece. A small rock out cropping that is deceptively detailed. There’s something going on around every side of this thing.

Here’s the play scenario I see playing out. Gandalf is merrily following his map leaning on his staff. He spies a huge spider munching on a skull. He uses his sword to chase it up a vine growing on the rock, grabs a the spear and roasts the spider for lunch over the nearby torch.

For a little polybag set, that’s a bunch of stuff going on. The rocks match up in style with the Bilbo ones, so you expand Gollum’s grotto a bit.




I’m pretty pleased with this set. I get a Gandalf to go with Bilbo and some cool accessory pieces. Honestly, for a low price point you can’t really go wrong here.

Engineernerd Score: 98/100


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  1. Errex says:

    Very nice mini-set!

    Excellent review!