Joe Con 2013: Part 4

June 5, 2013 | By More

In  retrospect, I should have put 3D Joes in Part 3. What you’ve never heard of 3D Joes? It’s an awesome website with rotating displays of a pretty good chunk of the earlier GI Joe figures. It’s a fantastic use of technology.

They had the system on display and it’s pretty amazing how easy it is to use. They also have posters of the 80’s Joes that everybody was clamoring for. Check them out in their shop section!



The 12″ collector set was “Secret Mission to Dragon Island.” Honestly, I wish I could afford this one on the secondary market. This is probably the closest I’ve ever seen to myself in action figure form.


While GI Joe is typically thought of as just a guy’s hobby, there were a surprising number of lady cosplayers there.



The folks from the COIL were there. This is the Indiana GI Joe collecting club. they were offering a sneak peak of their upcoming exclusive for this year’s Coil Con! Check them out here: (August 24th! Mark your Calendars!)




One thing I was hoping for was a better Hasbro presence. They had one small table and a small display case. There was a bunch of cool stuff in the case, but It would have been nice to get a little more. They did however show off the new version of the Tomahawk that will come out later this year. Let me say, I was impressed.


There was a huge Kreo diorama display. For charity, you got to vote Joe versus Cobra. All of it was well done and clever. I could have spent hours looking at them and still not seen every detail.

kreocontest1 kreocontest3

One of my favorite things was this life size suit of Snake Armor between the AVAC’s Lab booth and Coil Con booth. I strongly suspect this is why I had to hunt down a set of Serpent armor to buy while I was there.


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