The Art of Evil by @Monsterfink

June 12, 2013 | By More


I wanted to make a post for this because the art is too cool to not spread the word about. Monsterfink has a a talent for bring bad guys to life.

Lately, he’s been knocking it down with prints of group shots of the Villains and henchmen from everybody’s favorite cartoons. TMNT, MOTU, Inhumanoids. They are are all represented here in a slick stylized way that just makes you smile and then laugh evilly. My favorite though is the Dungeons & Dragons one from the 80’s cartoon. Well done, sir! Well done.

So take a moment and go peruse his Etsy shop:

If you like what you see go follow MF on twitter @monsterfink.

And if that isn’t enough cartoon viliany for you, make sure to check out his web comic, Hooray for the Bad Guy!

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