The Silence (Doctor Who Titans)

June 14, 2013 | By More


silence_frontI have to say while a bit of a retread of the Weeping Angels, I’m a big fan of the Silence.They are just creepy enough to stick with you.

Once again I let Mrs. Nerd pick a Doctor Who Titans box and it paid off. She has an uncanny knack for this blind packed stuff. On the box, the character is noted as “Silent”. I always thought they were called “The Silence” but I could be wrong their.

silence_backJust like their on screen appearance, this dude is essentially dressed in a suit. All of the outfit detail is painted on. The lines here are really crisp, if anything they are a bit too fine, as the black lines on the dark grey suit don’t really have a lot of contrast.

Of course, with this series of figures, most of the differences are in the head. And this one is pretty cool. It’s stylized but recognizable. The skull/alien look is screams Silence. Honestly, I think the lack of a mouth is the most disturbing part of their design.

Their are three colors used to paint the eyes. Combined they’ve give a bit of depth. Again though, a little more contrast in the colors would have helped make them pop just a tiny bit more.


I have no complaints other than the contrast issues. Those aren’t really show stoppers in my opinion. I’m just glad to have a tiny cute version of one of my favorite Doctor Who adversaries on my desk!

PS: Like the Weeping Angel sticker he’s posing with? You can get your own here and support TVFT and Mrs Nerd!

Engineernerd Score: 96/100




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