Doctor Who & Princess Bride Inspired Posters For Sale!

July 28, 2013 | By More



dw_posterI love to help all of my online friends out when I can by promoting stuff they are working on or displaying pictures of their art. This time I’m doing it for for somebody very, very special to me: The lovely and talented Mrs. Nerd!

One of the cool things is she sees things differently than I do. Where I see pop culture the same as a 12 year old, she puts a great grown up spin on it. Yeah, when we were young we all had posters of Batman taped to the wall or used that awful poster putty. But those poster weren’t art you could frame and put on your grown up pad wall were they?

Mrs. Nerd has put together a couple of great posters that will show your love for Doctor Who or Princess Bride in a sophisticated way.





Each of these 18″x24″ posters is $28 shipped anywhere in the Continental US. You are going to want to get in on it pretty quick, we’ve got a pretty limited supply.

Mrs. Nerd tells me that each poster ordered will also get one of her cool Tardis/Angel stickers!

To get a poster, Paypal your payment to customerservice @ and it will be on it’s way as soon as I can make it to the post office!




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