4 Reasons 8-24-2013 is HUGE for GI Joe fans!

August 14, 2013 | By More


8/24/13 has turned into a perfect storm(shadow) of GI Joe goodness! Here’s 4 reasons why:


1. 1 Year Anniversary of 3DJoes.com! Congratulations! Even if you aren’t a GI Joe fan this is a fun sight to check out all of the rotating views of all your favorite Joes. You might also remember 3D Joes from Joe Con this year. They were the ones that had the very cool posters of all of the 80’s GI Joe figures. If you weren’t there, I can tell you the posters are very cool, and everybody was talking about them.

2. Dave From Flag Points Birthday! One of my favorite vintage toy chatting buddies on Twitter, Dave is a cool Joe dude. Focusing on his vintage love, he and his podcast hosts dish about all of the the early days the Real American Hero line here: http://flagpoints.podbean.com/

3. Vintage 3D Joes launches! The latest Flag Points Mini Episode announced that 8/24 will be the launch date of the spin off of 3D Joes, Vintage 3D Joes. This site will present the larger 12″ Joes in glorious 3D! Honestly, I’m both excited and terrified by this. Excited to see all of the 12 inch guys present in this fashion, and terrified that it will make me want to start collecting more of it! Bookmark it now and come back on the 24th: http://www.vintage3djoes.com/

4. Coil Con 2013! Last but not least, where I’ll be on the 24th, Coil Con in Kokomo, Indiana is the coolest Midwest GI Joe meet you can think of. With lots of “Joelebrities” in attendance, this should be something you should see if you can get there. If you want to get a taste of a Joe Con experience, this is the perfect opportunity. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly. There are people selling all sort of items, great customs, and everybody is talking GI Joe.

Top that off with the fact that Coil Con is being held again at Kokomo Toys and your really have a can’t miss event. Kokomo Toys is worth seeing by itself if you are a toy collector of any sort. They will have something you want to buy.

So, if you are here in Midwest, drive on over! Check out the details here: http://www.coilcon.com/

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  1. Tom Mathias (@More0_0Than) says:

    All those awesome things surrounding one even awesomer (is that a word?) date, 8/24 also marks my 11th wedding anniversary which means I have the awesomest (nope not a real word) wife because she is allowing me to spend the day with all my Joe pals way down in Kokomo, instead of taking her to Aruba or Bahama

  2. Dave says:

    8/24 is the date Wordburlar’s Cobra Island album hits too!!