8/24/13: 2 More Reasons for Happy GI Joe Fans

August 21, 2013 | By More


If you were here last week, I gave 4 reasons that the 8/24 /13 is huge for GI Joe fans….and I missed some. The four I had last week were:

1. 1-year Anniversary of 3D Joes

2. Dave from Flag Points Birthday

3. Launch of Vintage 3D Joes

4. Coil Con in Kokomo, Indiana


For info on all those happenings click here.

What I forgot to mention were a couple of other things. The first of which is that it is TVFT contributors More0_0Than‘s wedding anniversary (AKA “The Silent Assassin). If you seem him at Coil Con oron the twitters make sure to say Congratulations!

Also, thanks to Dave from Flag Points for reminding me that is when Wordburglar’s Cobra Island album drops like a bomb to your ears. Yes, that Cobra. Imagine if rap was about Cobra instead of street thugs and you get the idea. You can check out his stuff here. Also check out this episode of Flag Points.

UPDATE 8/21/13: The new Micro Episode of Flag Points has Wordburglar talking to Dave about the album track by track. Check it out here.


See you guys at Coil Con!




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